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Security Risk & Crisis Management. 

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Security services for business, travel, asset, and personal protection are essential for reducing security risks attached to your lifestyle, environment, activities, and operations. Scenarios that could jeopardize you range from significant security problems—a CEO of a Fortune 500 company could be a target of kidnapping—to minor security issues like employee grievances that could lead to workplace violence.

Hiring security services does not automatically imply that you are protected. It is crucial to entrust security professionals to assign protective measures commensurate with threats, risks, and requirements. Otherwise, inept services can endanger you more and incur unwanted costs and losses.

Nemesis Protection Global has what it takes to take care of those facing possible or credible threats and operating in some of the most challenging and complex environments worldwide. Our ex-special forces security personnel are highly trained to go where others won't and do what others can't. We can indisputably address your individual security needs by employing an innovative approach backed by extensive knowledge, broad network, global capabilities, and long industry experience.






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We offer turnkey security services to keep people, businesses, and assets safe globally. Regardless of tasks, our dedicated specialists always get the job done.

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NPG provides realistic security training programs to help you stay on top of your game. With us, you know what to expect—outstanding and measurable results.

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Our company produces end-to-end security solutions to protect you and your organization from actual and potential risks. Our devoted experts go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

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