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Check out how Nemesis Protection provided high threat protection for a corporate client operating in Mexico. 

An international organization addressed our company to look after their senior manager operating in Mexico. Our security consultants by applying an action-oriented approach to conducting close protection, performed a thorough risk, threat, and vulnerability assessment that included security intelligence gathering and analysis to get real-time intel. This enabled us to have an accurate threat profile and to effectively mitigate real and perceived threats.

Assigned protective measures involved advanced techniques and procedures, including protective intelligence and task-related security detail (close protection team, security chauffeur, reconnaissance team, and incident response team). The entire operation was constantly monitored by our Operations Control Center, providing on-going assistance and ensuring crisis response. 

When it comes to close protection ops, our company employs specific Modus Operandi based on the security-through-obscurity approach. Meaning, all our operations are confidential and discreet and based on clandestine tactics. This subtle approach enables better operational efficiency, unobtrusive protection, and the effective personal security of all engaged in tasking. 

Underpinning our mission principles, we utilized fit-for-purpose vehicles fitting easily in the working environment by their type, color, and features. Our company engaged highly-skilled protection specialists blending into the operational framework completely (not drawing too much attention with their appearance and behavior). Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) required the employment of low-profile techniques (low-key driving, discreet vehicle/foot formation, plain clothes, covert communication, and concealed equipment).

The security detail was composed of a Personal Protection Officer (PPO) in charge of the imminent protection of a Principal (the inner layer). The PPO was supported by the remaining members of a close protection team (Personal Escort Section – PES) bolstering the inner layer and providing protective surveillance (inconspicuously protecting the Principal within a larger distance – the outer layer). The entire security detail operated coherently, producing a more secure environment for the Principal with minimal interference in the client's affairs. 

The PPO and Principal were carried by an armored SUV (VIP vehicle) handled by a security-trained chauffeur. The VIP vehicle was escorted by the PES vehicle and preceded by a reconnaissance team vehicle (SAP). The SAP (Security Advance Party) was in charge of hostile surveillance detection, anti-surveillance, and counter-surveillance, preceding the Principal to all locations on the itinerary and conducting route and venue recce.

Given the volatile security situation in the country and the risk inherited by operating in Mexico, our contingency plan included a counter-assault team (CAT) summoned in time of emergencies. The CAT was responsible for assisting the security detail in case of an armed attack (and any negative, sudden event) on the Principal; the incident response team consisted of armed police officers. 

The task was thoroughly planned and perfectly executed without any incidents and security breaches. Thus, the client is happy and has continued to use Nemesis Protection.

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