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Check out how Nemesis Protection Global LLC has provided high threat protection for a corporate client operating in Mexico. 


Our organization was tasked with looking after a senior manager of a multinational logistics corporation, who was traveling to Mexico. After thorough risk, threat, and vulnerabilities assessments, we found out that the client is under a likely risk of kidnapping. Therefore, Nemesis Protection Global LLC created tailored services to address the client's specific needs.


We distinguish ourselves as we don't provide outdated and classic bodyguard services. Nemesis Protection Global LLC excels in the industry by taking an innovative approach built on a specific modus operandi—security-through-obscurity—our operations are confidential and discreet, relying on the latest technologies and clandestine tactics. Our groundbreaking method enables more effective operations, inconspicuous protection, and enhanced personal security for all engaged in tasking. 

Our security consultants performed security intelligence gathering/analysis to get insightful, actionable, and real-time intel, and an accurate threat profile—enabling determining and reducing real/perceived and existing/emerging threats successfully. Assigned protective measures involved sophisticated techniques, tactics, and procedures, including protective intelligence and task-related protection teams: security detail, security chauffeur, reconnaissance, and incident response. The entire operation was constantly monitored by our Global Operations Control Center, providing ongoing assistance and ensuring crisis response. 

Underpinning our mission principles, we utilized fit-for-purpose vehicles fitting easily in the working environment by their type, color, and features. Our company appointed highly skilled protection specialists blending into the operational framework completely—not drawing too much attention with their appearance and behavior. Our personnel employed low-profile techniques: low-key driving, discreet vehicle/foot formation, plain clothes, covert communication, and concealed equipment.

The security detail was composed of a Personal Protection Officer (PPO) in charge of the imminent protection of a Principal (the inner layer) while static/mobile (events, venues, and en route). The PPO was supported by the remaining members of a close protection team (Personal Escort Section—PES), reinforcing the inner layer and providing protective surveillance (inconspicuously protecting the Principal). The entire security detail operated coherently, producing a more secure environment for the Principal with minimal interference in the client's affairs.

The PPO and the Principal were carried by an armored SUV (VIP vehicle) handled by a security-trained chauffeur; the VIP vehicle was escorted by the PES vehicle and preceded by a reconnaissance team vehicle (SAP—Security Advance Party) in charge of hostile surveillance detection, anti-surveillance, and counter-surveillance—preceding the Principal to all locations on the itinerary and conducting route/venue recce.

Given the volatile security situation in the country and the risk inherent in operating in Mexico, our contingency plan included a Counter Assault Team (CAT) and the insurance against kidnapping (it covers hostage negotiation and the retrieval of kidnapped). The CAT is summoned in emergencies and assists the security detail in case of an armed attack and any unanticipated adverse developments.  


The task was carefully planned and perfectly executed with no incidents and security breaches; thus, the client was happy and has continued to use Nemesis Protection Global LLC as a trusted close protection service provider.

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