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Find out how Nemesis Protection ensured the personal security and safety of a corporate client operating in Serbia.

Our company was hired to ensure the personal security and safety of the CEO of an international company operating in Serbia. We employed a proactive approach to providing close protection, conducting threat intelligence to get first-hand information on the physical, human, technical, and operational elements of risk. Our team of experts analyzed, identified, and properly mitigated existing and emerging threats by assigning security measures in line with a dynamic threat environment.

We implemented protective measures consisted of well-tried methods including advanced techniques and procedures (e.g., surveillance, reconnaissance, incident response, crisis response, and security detail). The task was overseen by our Operations Control Center providing assistance and ensuring emergency response. Nemesis Protection stands out from the rest by adopting the unique Modus Operandi based on the security-through-obscurity approach. This means that our operations are confidential and discreet and based on clandestine tactics, enabling better operational efficiency, unobtrusive protection, and a greater deal of personal security for all included in operations.

Adhering to our core principles, client's request, and operational requirements, our company utilized fit-for-purpose vehicles naturally blending into the operational environment by their type, color, and features. We engaged highly trained protection specialists not attracting too much attention. Our teams applied subtle techniques including low-profile driving, discreet vehicle/foot formation, plain clothes, covert communication, and concealed equipment.

Task-oriented security detail involved close protection (CP), reconnaissance (SAP), and incident response (CAT). The CP team included two members – a Personal Protection Officer (PPO) and a Personal Escort Section (PES) consisting of one close protection operative (CPO) with a dual role (protecting and driving). The CP team was in charge of the direct protection of a Principal (the inner layer), providing covert protection/protective surveillance (protecting the Principal inconspicuously). The inner layer was enhanced by the SAP team conducting advance work and protective intelligence (hostile surveillance detection, route and venue recce, anti-surveillance, and counter-surveillance). The Principal was transported by a soft-skinned vehicle (VIP vehicle) preceded by the SAP team on all locations on the itinerary. The contingency plan encompassed the counter-assault team (CAT) summoned in time of emergencies, helping the CP team in case of an armed attack (and any negative, sudden event) on the Principal.

We are proud of all engaged in the task, their efforts and professional approach have enabled effective mitigation of the risk associated with the Principal's threat profile and led to ongoing cooperation with the customer.

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