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Learn more about Business Travel Risk Control Solutions designed by Nemesis Protection Global LLC for a corporate client traveling to PNG.


A New Zealand company engaged in the energy sector appointed Nemesis Protection Global LLC to deliver travel risk management services to the company's personnel traveling on a business trip to Papua New Guinea. Conducting business in PNG can be dangerous for foreigners, exposing them to security, health, transport, and safety risks. Thanks to our first-hand experience, we have devised optimum solutions for minimizing the location-specific threats.


Nemesis Protection has an impeccable record of running global security missions, applying a pioneering approach founded on a distinctive modus operandi—security-through-obscurity—our operations are confidential and discreet, relying on clandestine tactics and cutting-edge technologies. Our unrivaled method enables better task performance, not too obtrusive protective services, and a great deal of personal security for all involved in tasking.

Our security advisors took practical actions to deal with security-related matters and to manage business travel risks. The team designed a best-laid plan containing adequate security measures for identifying, evaluating, and mitigating threats inherent in visiting PNG. Given the country's risk profile, the client got close protection, secure transportation, and crisis response (the emergency evacuation insurance policy).

We thoroughly planned the client's journey and staying in the country (itinerary, accommodation, and meetings/events). Our result-oriented team conducted advanced work ahead of the client's arrival—reconnaissance, analysis, and selection of routes/venues, and contingency planning for emergencies. Our company organized a safe and low-profile pick-up of the client at the Port Moresby airport. We utilized a fit-for-purpose vehicle: the unmarked soft-skinned car fitting in the operational environment.

The task-related security detail comprised a Personal Protection Officer (PPO) and a security chauffeur; the PPO was a foreigner, an ex-soldier with vast international experience, and solid knowledge of PNG. The security chauffeur was a local national trained in close protection and evasive driving by our company. The CP team was supported by our Global Operations Control Center, providing assistance and ensuring crisis response; also, the on-call emergency response team (Counter Assault Team—CAT) was available. Our ops center provided operatives on the ground with threat intelligence, enabling them to stay ahead of the game by developing threat awareness and perception.


The team achieved mission objectives—reliable and unobtrusive protection—by coherently working and with a far-sighted mindset, fulfilling the client's security and business needs. We are happy that we have continued to provide protective services in PNG for this client.

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