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The right actions undertaken for the right reasons generally lead to good outcomes over time

Who We Are

Nemesis Protection Global LLC with its full subsidiaries is a premium supplier of security risk advisory, crisis management, training, operational support, protective, and investigative services for the private and public sectors worldwide. Client industries include oil and gas, mining, finance, international organizations, governments, energy, insurance, NGOs, real estate, and IT. We have been set up in response to the increased call for a reliable and capable organization with good business sense to address specific demands in unsafe and challenging operating environments across the globe.

What We Do

Running ops on four continents, we service many businesses from a variety of industries. Our corporation has ever-expanding capabilities to deliver a full spectrum of professional services including the following but not limited to.

How We Do It

At a global level, Nemesis Protection Global LLC leads the way in protecting clients operating worldwide, underpinning our specific methodology that integrates the following values.

  • Customer-Oriented Solutions—all our services are focused on clients and can be customized to your​ needs, requirements, and budget; 

  • Accountability partner—we are committed to empowering individuals, teams, governments, and organizations to achieve their maximum potential while complying with international/national laws and a strict code of conduct; 

  • Trusted modus operandi—we have adopted proven methods shaped by the best practices of government organizations that our personnel have served in, including intelligence agencies, police, and military special units;

  • Crisis leadership—our company assumes the role of a leader in a crisis, leading your organization at critical moments, minimizing the impact of negative events, and ensuring a fast recovery; 

  • Teamwork and diversity—we always promote diversity and teamwork in our organizational structure; our teams are multinational, multilingual, and highly experienced, catering to each project’s individual requirements to ensure excellence; 

  • High-Performing Teams—we pride ourselves on delivering services of the highest possible standard, paying particular attention to surpassing clients'​ expectations by producing outstanding outcomes and keeping the lines of communication with customers clear and concise; 

  • Confidentiality—we put a lot of attention to discretion; our progressive approach to conducting operations is based on subtle actions and clandestine tactics; our teams are devoted and committed to respecting your privacy to ensure respect and ongoing security for our clientele;

  • Forward-Looking Mindset—Nemesis Protection Global LLC plans for the future through research and development in security trends, allowing us to keep pace with emerging technologies and threats.



Our mission is our company's definition of success

Our ongoing mission is straightforward: fulfilling our clients' unique needs by providing the highest degree of professional services built on trust and confidence—enabling our customers to form and establish resilient and productive businesses.


Vision without action is a daydream, action without vision is a nightmare

Our global vision is to be the most professional leader in the industry—who is known for value-added services—by exceeding our customers’ expectations and nurturing good working relationships with our clients while valuing each team member.


Meeting demands of our stakeholders at all the levels, including self-actualization

Our organization values reliability, integrity, responsibility, quality partnerships, teamwork, exceptional customer service, personal growth, confidentiality, and community leadership. We do business ethically, and our company is founded upon a strict code of conduct. All our programs are ethically and morally motivated, promoting successful and long-lasting solutions. What makes us exceptional is that we put lots of emphasis on Customer Service, Quality Policy, Confidentiality, and the Company's Social Responsibility.​

Quality Policy

Quality is never an accident

Our company takes pride in rendering impeccable services. We strive to raise standards in the private security industry by constantly improving and maintaining the quality of services that will outstrip clients' requests and to answer our Corporate Social Responsibility to our customers, community, and employees.

International Risk Management

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