Advanced Close Protection Training Course

Advanced Close Protection Course

This extensive 8-week training program will provide you with versatile skills to operate in all threat environments as a highly trained protection specialist within the commercial close protection industry and the private military sector.

Private Security Contractor Training


Above and Beyond

The Industry Benchmark

The best of both worlds

The syllabus is based on government-level training, but it is adjusted to fit the operational procedures in the private sector—representing the best training available in today's civilian world.

High-end Instructors

Learning from the best

The course is taught by extremely experienced instructors who are ex-special forces of military and police and with extensive first-hand experience in the private industry.

Hands-on Learning

No time wasting

You will undergo an extensive 56-day training program that covers a range of specialist subjects—including advanced shooting, advanced driving techniques, counter-surveillance, and hand-to-hand-combat; the training culminates in an extended exercise in which the participants must protect a Principal/VIP over several days.

Advanced Bodyguard Training

Why Taking The Advanced Close Protection Course

Our 56-day Advanced Close Protection Training Program is invaluable for individuals and organizations who have a remit to protect people, assets, and an organization’s operations.

If you are looking for a first-class training program for a protection specialist, you are at the right place since Nemesis Protection Global LLC has created the unrivaled 8-week Advanced Close Protection Training Program to train you up to the highest standards in the industry.

In recent years, the global business environment has become immensely complex and sophisticated; it has become more challenging protecting high-ranking individuals. Looking after a Principal/VIP entails dealing with diverse threat actors and operating in various threat environments; thus, it requires a versatile set of skills. The required level of competence for a professional bodyguard can be achieved only by attending a uniquely qualified training program; however, for the private sector, there is a lack of proper training for protection specialists. The vast majority of commercial training courses only scratch the surface and are unfit for actual operations. The ideal solution is to attend one of the government training programs specialized in close protection; however, this option is out of reach in the civilian world. Nemesis Protection Global LLC fills a need by offering the next best thing: the 8-week Advanced Close Protection Course based on government standards but adapted to operations in the private industry.

As an international provider of protective and investigative services, Nemesis Protection Global LLC has created this extensive bodyguard training program to equip you with hard and soft skills—enabling you to provide all aspects of close protection in all threat environments. The training course is invaluable for individuals and organizations who have a remit to protect people, assets, and an organization’s operations. The training program surpasses traditional standards in the industry by delivering excellence through the pragmatic and integrated approach to teaching—including the integration of tactical, theoretical, technical, and practical know-how. The successful course completion verifies that you have professional skills not easily got and that you have shown a high level of proficiency required for Executive Protection and PSD Protection Specialists.

Extensively experienced instructors deliver scenario-based learning; they will ensure that all candidates are properly trained. Our company has adopted a training philosophy: train as you will operate—underpinning our training principles to deliver the realistic, intensive, and dynamic course for all candidates. You won't sit the entire day in the classroom nor fire rounds into a static paper-target nor practice outdated and never-tested techniques; you will be challenged in different ways—physically and mentally—to step out of your comfort zone and develop a problem-solving mindset: improvise, adapt, and overcome. 

The training course is available to the corporate and government sectors and civilians. The syllabus can be tailored to your organization's needs and delivered for your personnel at your location worldwide; the pricing of the bespoke training program depends on curriculum, duration, and location. Get in touch at to discuss your requirements.



The course consists of the following core modules:

  1. Tactical Medicine;

  2. Surveillance, Investigations, and Intelligence in Close Protection;

  3. Executive Protection;

  4. Celebrity Protection;

  5. Covert Protection/Protective Surveillance;

  6. Protective Driving/Tactical Driving;

  7. Hostile Environment Close Protection Ops (HECPO);

  8. Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT);

  9. Vehicle Close Quarters Combat (CQC);

  10. Buildings Close Quarters Combat (CQC);

  11. Protective Security Detail (PSD) Leader;

  12. Tactical Knife Combat;

  13. Hand-2-Hand Combat;

  14. Advanced Force Protection in Hostile Environments (AFPHE);

  15. The final exercise: 14-day Close Protection Operation.


By the end of this course, you will have been able to:

Training is demanding, focusing on small teams: 3-person up to 4-person teams; there is a strong accent on fitness and armed and unarmed combat during training. You will practice a wide range of tactical procedures, including small-team tactics and lone-operator techniques. You'll be able to assume multiple roles—acting as a solo bodyguard (PPO), team leader, member of personal escort section (PES), security advance party (SAP), residence security team (RST), and counter assault team (CAT); you'll be able to maintain the safety of a Principal/VIP and his/her assets in diverse environments ranging from conflict-affected zones to day-to-day operations.

  • Assess threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to a VIP/Principal and his/her assets and assign security measures in line with the Principal's threat profile;

  • Plan, prepare, support, and lead different aspects of close protection to minimize threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to the VIP/Principal in all threat environments while on foot/mobile, at venues/events;

  • Provide close protection solo and in a team; deal with potential conflicts (internal/external) while providing close protection;

  • Liaise and communicate with the Principal, security teams, and others;

  • Plan and organize international travel; conduct pre-trip threat assessments to reduce travel-specific risks;

  • Apply advanced close protection techniques and clandestine tactics such as covert protection/protective surveillance and protective intelligence to blend into any operational environment and protect the VIP/Principal inconspicuously, unobtrusively, and effectively;

  • Detect hostile surveillance and employ surveillance countermeasures—counter-surveillance, anti-surveillance, and technical surveillance counter-measures—and counter-intelligence to enhance personal and operational security; preserve privacy; prevent espionage and information loss;

  • Perform vehicle, people, and site search for any bomb/IED/VBIED/eavesdropping devices;

  • Conduct route/venue reconnaissance to analyze and select the route to prevent road ambushes; 

  • Gather valuable information on threat actors, using all-source intelligence: OSINT, HUMINT, threat intelligence, and investigations—enabling collecting real-time intel on existing/emerging threats;

  • Understand, identify, and reduce cybersecurity risks: threats on Social Media and the Internet, financial scams, reputation damage, privacy breach, and data leak;

  • Provide immediate emergency lifesaving first aid on the scene: in remote areas, under the attack, in a high-risk zone, while injured, and with scarce equipment/improvising;

  • Perform the emergency evacuation of an injured person from danger; transport the injured;

  • Maneuver vehicles in critical moments, and apply protective driving techniques—defensive, evasive, and anti-ambush drivingand advanced tactical driving drills: ramming, blocking left/right, high-speed pursuit, and hard-reverse turns;

  • Understand common methods of attacks; identify and respond to attacks;

  • Understand physiological aspects that occur under extreme stress;

  • Handle firearms safely, tactically, and concealed: pistols and rifles;

  • Understand the fundamentals of marksmanship; use tactical weapon transition drills: primary and secondary weapons;

  • Fire weapons from various shooting positions—conventional/unconventional, standing, kneeling, prone, and strong/weak hand drills—under different conditions: against the time, limited-visibility/night, confined spaces, and stress drills;

  • Employ counter-ambush tactics and close-quarters combat techniques—vehicles and buildings—in immediate response to attacks: applying controlled violent actions;

  • Evacuate/extract the Principal safely and rapidly;

  • Apply advanced CQC techniques—room-by-room clearing in a careful-hurry mode—and combat speed shooting;

  • Rehearse tactical/speed magazine reloading techniques (primary/secondary weapons);

  • Operate coherently in small teams (two-man/three-man/four-man) and as a solo operator;

  • Able to shoot on the move and engage multiple targets;

  • Understand the principles and fundamentals of precision long-rifle/sniper marksmanship;

  • Form, use, and conceal improvised weapons;

  • Use unarmed combat techniques: hand-2-hand combat and tactical knife combat to protect the Principal/VIP;

  • Recognize, analyze, contain, and minimize conventional/unconventional threats to the Principal/VIP and his/her assets;

  • Employ counter-explosive ambush and counter-sniper measures;

  • Apply anti-kidnapping measures and anti-hijacking techniques;

  • Plan captivity evasion and effective escape; survive in the wilderness, rural, and urban environments with scarce equipment;

  • Understand the principles of unconventional warfare;

  • Apply anti-terrorism measures; address threats in a 360-degree environment.


What certificates are awarded?

  1. 560-hour Close Protection specialization: Executive Protection and PSD Protection Specialist

  2. Lifetime Access to our N-Protect forum

Q & A

How much does the course cost?

The 8-week Advanced CP training course costs €9.999; the price is all-inclusive—covering accommodation, food, training facilities, learning material, equipment, airport pick-up/drop-off, and course certificates.

What are the entry requirements?

The course is open to everyone who meets the following prerequisites.

  • Have a good level of fitness and grasp of English;

  • Are minimum 18 years old;

  • Have a clean criminal record and driver's license;

  • Are in good medical and mental condition.

How to book the course?

If you are interested in attending the course, click on the Register Now; it will redirect you to the event page; fill in your details and pay a non-refundable deposit of €1000 required to secure your place.

Is there a guaranteed job placement after the course?

In short, no, there is not; it is not ethical nor professional to guarantee you a job after the course because of many reasons; for example, whether a candidate is fit for a position or not, it's impossible to know in advance. Besides, market demand and client preferences are constantly changing and are hard to predict; however, we are an operational company, and when an opportunity arises, we prefer our graduates above all others. We can only promise a high level of training and ongoing post-course support.

8-week Advanced Close Protection Course
Learn how to operate as a highly skilled EP and PSD Protection Specialist.
Oct 01, 6:00 AM – Nov 25, 11:00 PM
Belgrade, Serbia

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