Advanced Close Protection Training_

Our 8-week close protection course is an advanced training program for aspirant and experienced personal security specialists seeking an all-in-one curriculum to prepare them to operate in all threat environments worldwide. Whether looking after a movie star or providing travel security to a corporate executive, working solo or on protective security detail, armed or unarmed, covertly or overtly, our 56-day bodyguard training will meet and exceed your needs by covering the following topics.

  • Threat assessment and risk analysis

  • Client interview, ops planning, briefing/de-briefing

  • Route and venue reconnaissance

  • Protective foot formations and walking drills

  • Vehicle and building embus/debus

  • Emergency protocol and evacuation drills

  • High-risk close protection

  • Convoy protection

  • International travel planning

  • Event and site security

  • Transportation management

  • Tactical driving

  • Anti-surveillance, surveillance detection, and counter-surveillance

  • Technical surveillance countermeasures

  • Covert and overt protection

  • Vehicle, people, and building search

  • IED awareness

  • Operational and personal security

  • Anti-kidnapping

  • Tactical shooting

  • Vehicle close-quarters battle

  • Building close-quarters battle

  • Close-quarters combat

  • Emergency first aid

  • Protective intelligence and counterintelligence

  • Open-source intelligence

  • Cybersecurity awareness


Course outcomes_

  • Upon the course, candidates will be able to:

  • Conduct detailed mission planning and collect pertinent information on clients, threats, and risks.

  • Maintain Principals' safety and secured environments while static/mobile, on foot/vehicle.

  • Plan for contingency and extract a protectee out of harm's way.

  • Take on different positions/tasks, including personal protection officer, security advance party, team leader, second in command, surveillance detection, counter-surveillance team, security driver, residential security officer, and quick reaction force.

  • Safeguard corporate and government VIPs in complex and hostile environments.

  • Arrange secure transportation and understand motorcade procedures.

  • Employ anti-ambush and defensive driving.

  • Apply anti-surveillance measures to improve/ensure safety.

  • Detect hostile/unwanted surveillance and carry on counter-surveillance on threat actors.

  • Provide unobtrusive and low-profile protection.

  • Clear vehicles, people, and buildings from eavesdropping devices, weapons, and IEDs.

  • Deal with unconventional threats such as terrorism, kidnapping, cyber attack, extortion, and blackmailing.

  • Use pistols and rifles tactically.

  • Fight in/out/around vehicles by applying vehicle counter-ambush techniques.

  • Sweep rooms and buildings in a careful-hurry mode.

  • Employ hand-to-hand combat techniques.

  • Use tactical medicine to patch themselves and injured on the field.

  • Gather, analyze, and protect tactical intelligence.


Enrollment requirements_

  • English language

  • Valid driver's license

  • Clean criminal record

  • Physically and mentally healthy

  • Good fitness level

  • Minimum 21 years old



  • $10,000 is all-inclusive, covering accommodation, food, training facilities, equipment, certificates, weapons, ammo, and airport pick-up/drop-off.