Bodyguard Services China_

Nemesis Protection Global renders comprehensive bodyguard services to high-profile, high-ranking, and high-risk individuals visiting China.

Rest assured that our vastly experienced close protection operatives can meet and exceed your individual needs and protect government and corporate VIPs by providing world-class executive protection services in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Macao, and other parts. NPG offers:

  • Risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments

  • Travel risk management

  • Private security driver

  • Route and venue reconnaissance

  • Counter-assault, incident response, and counter-surveillance teams

  • Residential and event security

  • Anti-surveillance, surveillance detection, and covert surveillance

  • Technical surveillance countermeasures for vehicles and buildings

  • Protective surveillance

  • High threat protection

  • Celebrity and corporate VIP protection

  • Kidnapping response and emergency evacuation

  • Travel insurance

Close Protection China_

  • Executive protection services in China are 24/7/365 available.

  • NPG provides adequately equipped, highly trained, skilled, thoroughly vetted, ex-military/police, and carefully selected bodyguards.

  • You can get a VIP bodyguard or close protection detail, armed/unarmed security, female/male close protection specialists, locals or ex-pats, hourly/daily.

  • Our security personnel is physically, technically, and mentally fit, with a documented track record, and work solo/in a team and covertly/overtly.


China Travel Assistance_

  • Our security agency renders complete travel security and emergency support, providing valuable data on actual and potential security risks, enabling travel preparation, pre-departure planning, and threat mitigation.

  • We ensure 24/7 travel assistance, assessing the local environment for possible perils and incidents, keeping you updated with any developments on the ground, offering expeditious crisis response.