Nemesis Protection Case Studies

By going through case studies of some completed projects so far, find out how Nemesis Protection Global LLC and its full subsidiaries have responded to our clients' specific call for professional services, helping them in achieving their goals completely.

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Travel Risk Management Services

Travel Risk Management Services Papua New Guinea: Business Travel Risk Control

A New Zealand company engaged in the energy sector appointed Nemesis Protection Global LLC to deliver travel risk management services to the company's personnel traveling on a business trip to Papua New Guinea. Our risk advisors took practical actions to deal with security-related matters and to produce optimal solutions for business travel risk control, determining and evaluating country-specific risks. The team designed a best-laid plan containing adequate security controls for minimizing threats inherent in visiting PNG. Find out how Nemesis Protection Global LLC has addressed the customer’s unique requests professionally. 

Close Protection Services Mexico: High Threat Protection

Our organization was tasked with looking after a senior manager of a multinational logistics corporation, who was traveling to Mexico. Our security consultants applied an action-oriented approach to conducting the operation—performing thorough risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments that included security intelligence gathering/analysis to get actionable and real-time intel and a precise threat profile—enabling reducing real/perceived threats successfully. Read more about how Nemesis Protection Global LLC has met the client’s individual needs fully.

Hight Threat Protection Services
Threat Assessment Services

Security Consulting Services Ghana: Threat Assessments

A venture capital firm interested in investing in the Ghana extractive industry entrusted our company with the threat assessment assignment. Our security advisors compiled evidence-based reporting helping our client in operational planning and the decision-making process. Our taken actions generated an actual picture of sector-specific risks (security and financial) concerning operating in the mining sector in Ghana, which ultimately reduced costs and allowed well-informed decisions and a worthwhile investment venture.

Surveillance and Intelligence Services EEMEA: Corporate Investigations

Our surveillance and investigative team participated in a sensitive tasking of corporate investigations for financial fraud. The operation involved all-source intelligence gathering across several countries in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The team carried out detailed investigations to assemble all the pertinent info and data to the fullest extent possible—allowing our client (a global institution) to present the evidence of scam in court.

Corporate Investigations Europe

Asset Protection Services Caribbean: Yacht Security

The high-net-worth family hired our security firm to ensure personal and asset protection on a yachting trip to the Caribbean. Our teams with success identified and lessened threats, susceptibilities, and risks associated with high-ranking individuals sailing on a luxury yacht in the Caribbean. Assigned security measures consisted of two discreet protection specialists looking after the client while on/off the board. Our Global Operations Control Center was tracking the super-yacht 24/7 to secure a timely crisis response. Given the risk involved, the client also got our insurance against kidnapping (covering the retrieval of the abducted and hostage negotiation). Thanks to our resourceful team and the latest technologies, the client completed the journey in complete safety.

Yacht Security Services Caribbean
VIP Bodyguard Services

Close Protection Services Thailand: VIP Bodyguard

A dignitary employed our organization to provide close protection services for a vacation in Bangkok. We assigned two bodyguards, a security chauffeur, a fit-for-purpose vehicle, and high-tech equipment for the task; also, the mission was monitored by our Global Operations Control Center providing support and incident response. Considering the situation, the client took out the emergency evacuation insurance policy encompassing medical evacuation (MEDEVAC/CASEVAC) and emergency extraction/repatriation in case of sudden negative events. Our personnel ensured unobtrusive personal security and trouble-free trip, surpassing the client's expectations. 

Crisis Response Services Haiti: Emergency Evacuation

When an ongoing political crisis was aggravated in Haiti, our crisis response advisors were deployed to the Haiti capital, Port-au-Prince, to extract a private individual (a policyholder of our emergency evacuation insurance) placed in a crisis-hit country. Our rescue task force reacted promptly, removing the client out of danger while applying the accountable approach to responding to a crisis, based on ethical methods and resources and adhering to the local/international law and the professional code of conduct. The operation was completed in less than twelve hours, discreetly repatriating the client unharmed.

Emergency Extraction Services
Close Protection Services Hong Kong

Close Protection Services Hong Kong: Executive Protection

When Hong Kong was hit by a severe political crisis in 2019—which made the operational environment uncertain in this Asian business-hub—Nemesis Protection Global LLC was contracted by the CEO of a real estate company to decrease the personal security risks correlated with a business stay in Hong Kong. We implemented protective measures incorporating covert security detail, a security driver, ops support by our monitoring center, and a crisis response plan (the emergency evacuation insurance policy). Our protective teams estimated and prevented location-related threats—ensuring a problem-free visit and successful business.

Media Protection Services

Close Protection Services Chile: Media Security

Nemesis Protection Global LLC was designated by an international news agency to ensure the personal security of journalists reporting on a political uprising in Chile. We supplied three close protection specialists for a Santiago assignment; the team worked diligently and was switched on 24/7 to ascertain and alleviate the risk of threats involved with Chile riots. The operation was overseen by our Global Operations Control Center, providing operational assistance. Due to the risk, the client had our kidnap and ransom insurance policy comprising the retrieving of kidnapped and crisis negotiation. The protective team was equipped with modern technology, applying low-profile tactics, implementing protective intelligence, counter-surveillance, and inconspicuous protection to secure the success of the task and maintain the client's safety. Our company will continue to support media projects worldwide.

Risk Management Services Mozambique: Embedded Security Advisory

The corporate executive of a blue-chip company doing business in Africa entrusted our corporation to manage travel-specific risks for a business trip to Mozambique. We provided an embedded security consultant escorting the client to Maputo, without drawing the attention, taking care of the client's safety and the success of the endeavor. The consultant arranged low-key protection (secure transportation and close protection), while our company offered continued operational support through our Global Operations Control Center. A contingency plan was in place as the client was insured against kidnapping (containing K&R retrieval, advisory, and response). With the coherent and dedicated work of our departments, Nemesis Protection Global LLC satisfied the client's particular requirements totally.

Risk Management Services
Covert Protection Services

Close Protection Services Serbia: Covert Protection

Our company was assigned the task of protecting the CEO of an international tech company operating in Serbia. We provided close protection proactively—collecting threat intelligence to get accurate and first-hand information on the physical, human, technical, and operational elements of risk. Our security experts recognized, assessed, analyzed, and properly mitigated existing/emerging threats by implementing protective measures in line with a dynamic threat environment. Learn more about how Nemesis Protection Global LLC has accomplished the mission objectives effectively.

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