Nemesis Protection Case Studies

By reading case studies of some of the completed projects so far, find out how Nemesis Protection has ensured the protection of our clients, helping them in achieving their goals and completing the most challenging ventures in complex environments worldwide.

Covert Protection – Serbia

Our company was engaged to ensure the personal protection of the CEO of an international company operating in Serbia. We employed a proactive approach by conducting threat intelligence gathering to get first-hand information on the physical, human, technical, and operational elements of risk. Our team of experts analyzed, identified, and properly mitigated existing and emerging threats by assigning security measures in line with a dynamic threat environment. Learn more about how Nemesis Protection completed mission objectives effectively.

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Travel Risk Management – PNG

Nemesis Protection was contracted by a New Zealand company to create travel risk management solutions for their personnel traveling on a business trip to Papua New Guinea. Our security risk analysis team employed an action-based approach by conducting an analysis of location-specific risks, assessment of inherent threats by visiting PNG, and the planning of a journey. Find out how Nemesis Protection fulfilled the customer's needs professionally. 

High Threat Protection – Mexico

Our company was hired to take care of a senior manager of an international company operating at an undisclosed location in Mexico. By applying an action-oriented approach, our team of experts conducted a thorough threat and risk assessment that included intelligence gathering and analysis to get an accurate threat profile this enabled us to assign adequate security controls that commensurate with threats. Read more about how Nemesis Protection met the client's security needs completely.

Threat Assessment – Ghana

Our security risk consultants conducted threat assessment and risk analysis for a client – an investment company interested in investing in the energy sector in Ghana. Our teams collected and analyzed intelligence, assessed threats, and analyzed risks, producing a detailed report helping our client in the decision-making process. Our work enabled the client to get a clear picture of inherent risks by investing in the extractive industry in Ghana, which has saved costs and allowed meticulous business planning and profitable investment venture.

Corporate Investigation – EEMEA

Our surveillance and intelligence teams were involved in a complex task of corporate investigation for corporate fraud. The operation included actions across several countries in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. We conducted a thorough investigation to collect all the pertinent info and data to the fullest extent possible, enabling the client to present the evidence of fraud in court.

Yacht Security – Caribbean

Nemesis Protection provided the bespoke yacht security service for a customer – a high-net-worth family – during yachting throughout the Caribbean. Due to the security risk associated with high-profile clients and sailing across the Caribbean, the service involved a close protection team. Therefore, our company deployed two executive protection specialists escorting the client on a voyage, ensuring the Principal's safety while on a private yacht and during visiting numerous isles in the region. Our Operations Command Center monitored the operation 24/7 to provide ongoing support and ensure crisis help. The contingency plan included the emergency response team on standby. The task was successful with zero incidents, and the client completed the journey in complete safety and pleasure.

VIP Bodyguard – Thailand

Our bodyguard team was hired to provide a VIP bodyguard service for a high-ranking client on vacation in Bangkok. Nemesis Protection assigned two close protection operatives, a security chauffeur, and a fit-for-purpose vehicle for this task. Also, the operation was overseen by our Operation Command Center providing support and ensuring crisis help. The emergency plan consisted of the on-call incident response team. The task went well without any incidents, and our teams worked coherently, enabling the client to enjoy Bangkok's sightseeing and nightlife.

Emergency Evacuation – Haiti

When an ongoing political crisis aggravated in Haiti, our crisis response advisors were called in. We deployed a rescue task force to the Haiti capital, Port-au-Prince to evacuate a client – a private individual placed in a crisis-hit country – and enable the client a safe passage out of harm's way. Our team reacted promptly, extracting the client out of danger, applying ethical methods and resources, adhering to the local/international law, and the professional code of conduct. The mission was completed in less than twelve hours, and the client was unharmed transferred to the home country.

Executive Protection – Hong Kong

Hong Kong was hit by a severe political crisis in 2019, making the security situation unstable in this Asian business hub. Our client – the CEO of an international corporation – hired Nemesis Protection to ensure the client's safety during a business trip to Hong Kong. We conducted risk, threat, and vulnerability assessment and assigned adequate security measures that involved the executive protection team, a security driver, and an emergency response plan. Our teams effectively mitigated the risk of inherited threats by travel to Hong Kong, ensuring a safe trip and successful business for the client.

Close Protection – Chile

Nemesis Protection was contracted to support a Media project in Chile. Our executive protection team was deployed to Santiago to ensure personal security for journalists working for an international news agency reporting on a political uprising in the country. Although the security situation was volatile in the country, our team ensured the safety of the client, enabling them to complete their tasks fully. Protection specialists worked diligently and were on alert 24/7 to contain the risk of threats associated with riots in Chile. They employed covert protection, implementing protective intelligence techniques, counter-surveillance tactics, and anti-surveillance measures. The task went well without incidents. Nemesis Protection will continue to support media projects worldwide.

Security Risk Consulting – Mozambique

Our company provided an embedded risk advisor for a corporate client – the CEO of a multinational corporation. Our risk advisor traveled with the client to Mozambique to ensure the client's safety and success of the business. By conducting an on-site threat assessment, risk analysis, and organizing close protection, secure transportation, and implementing the emergency management plan, our resourceful security consultant ensured the mission goal.