Counter-ambush Training Course

CAT Course

This 14-day Counter Assault Team Training Course will give you the knowledge and skills within the areas of counter-ambush tactics.

CAT Course


Above and Beyond

First-class Curriculum 

Acquiring hard skills

You will gain tactical competence that will enable you to recognize and respond to armed attacks more effectively.

Experienced Instructors

Learning from the best

Training is delivered by highly skilled instructors with a background in the private/government sectors.

Hands-on Learning

No time wasting

You will practice well-tried techniques over the thorough 14-day period.

CQC Training Course

Why Taking The CAT Course

You will learn counter-assault techniques and methods of close-quarters combat relevant to close protection.

The role of the Counter Assault Team (CAT) is clear: if a Principal/VIP and a close protection team come under an attack, the CAT operators are the ones who will engage the enemy fire—repelling coordinated attacks—providing emergency response; when the close protection team gets into trouble, the CAT operators rescue the team—providing cover—while the team evacuates the Principal/VIP to safety; this suggests that the CAT role is demanding and requires high-performance operatives.

Nemesis Protection Global LLC—as a high-level provider of international risk management services—understands all requirements and challenges facing the CAT operatives and has created this intensive training course to prepare you for one of the most demanding tasks in close protection within both Executive Protection and PSD Protection Operations. The course is aimed at protective specialists, the military, and law enforcement personnel wanting to enhance their tactical skills—including close-quarters combat, small-team tactics, tactical weapons handling, counter-ambush, tactical medicine, and unarmed combat.

Extensively experienced instructors deliver scenario-based learning; they will ensure that all candidates are properly trained. Our company has adopted a training philosophy: train as you will operate—underpinning our training principles to deliver the realistic, intensive, and dynamic course for all candidates. You won't sit all day in the classroom nor practice outdated and never-tested techniques; you will be challenged in different ways—physically and mentally—to enhance critical performance and to function as an organized, quick-reaction team.  

The course is available to the private and public sectors and private individuals. The syllabus can be tailored to your organization's needs and delivered for your personnel at your location worldwide; the pricing of the bespoke training program depends on curriculum, duration, and location. Get in touch at to discuss your requirements.



After completion of the course, you will have competency about:

  • Tactical weapons handling (pistols/rifles);

  • Small-team tactical procedures: one-man, three-man, and four-man teams;

  • Counter-ambush techniques;

  • Close-quarters combat tactics: vehicles and buildings;

  • Hand-to-hand combat; tactical knife combat;

  • Tactical medicine.


To give you proficiency within the areas of counter-assault, close-quarters combat, weapons, and tactics;

  • Rehearse methods of movement, firing stances, weapon positioning, and reflexive shooting;

  • Provide cover and time for a close protection team to evacuate a Principal/VIP;

  • Understand physiological aspects that occur under extreme stress;

  • Fight from a grounded, kneeling, seated, and standing position;

  • Utilize vision and movement to gain the tactical advantage;

  • Perform room-by-room clearing in a careful-hurry mode;

  • Gain and maintain immediate control of the emergency;

  • Respond urgently and effectively to a traumatic situation;

  • Understand the principles of close-quarters combat;

  • Close-quarters combat drills from inside/outside of a vehicle;

  • Address threats in a 360-degree environment;

  • Shooting through glass barriers/door panels;

  • Handle firearms; use small-team tactical procedures;

  • Conduct controlled violent actions;

  • Provide tactical combat emergency care;

  • Apply unarmed combat techniques.


The following certificates are awarded:

  1. 140-hour Close Protection specialization: CAT Operator

  2. Lifetime Access to our N-Protect forum

Q & A

How much does the course cost?

The 14-day CAT training course costs €2.999; the price is all-inclusive—covering accommodation, food, training facilities, learning material, equipment, airport pick-up/drop-off, and certificates.

What are the entry requirements?

The course is open to everyone who meets the following prerequisites.

  • Have a good level of fitness and command of English;

  • Are minimum 18 years old;

  • Have a clean criminal record;

  • Are in good medical and mental condition;

  • Have some previous knowledge about close protection.

How to book the course?

If you are interested in attending the course, click on the Register Now; it will redirect you to the event page; fill in your details and pay a non-refundable deposit of €1000 required to secure your place.

Is there a guaranteed job placement after the course?

In short, no, there is not; it is not ethical nor professional to guarantee you a job after the course because of many reasons; for example, whether a candidate is fit for a position or not, it's impossible to know in advance. Besides, market demand and client preferences are constantly changing and are hard to predict; however, we are an operational company, and when an opportunity arises, we prefer our graduates above all others. We can only promise a high level of training and ongoing post-course support.

14-day CAT Course
Get the knowledge and skills within the areas of counter-assault, close-quarters combat, tactical weapons handling, counter-ambush, and small-team tactical procedures.
Sep 23, 6:00 AM – Oct 06, 11:00 PM
Belgrade, Serbia

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