Celebrity Protection Course

This bodyguard training is designed to equip you with close protection skills with an accent on the VIP protection in dynamic threat environments.


Above and Beyond

Top-shelf Training Program

Gaining core skills

You will build the foundation required for professional VIP bodyguarding.

Well-versed Instructors

Be trained by the best

The course is delivered by vastly experienced instructors who are still active in the industry.

Hands-on Learning

No Time Wasting

You will practice proven, tested, and readily-applicable techniques over the thorough 7-day period.

Why Taking The Celebrity Protection Course

The course is in-depth and covers realistic scenarios with hands-on experience.

If you are interested in learning the ropes of celebrity protection, our celebrity protection course fits the bill. A-list movie stars, TV personalities, sportspersons, prominent musicians, and alike are exposed to elevated security risks because of their high-profile status and wealth. As a result of this, there is a high demand for highly skilled bodyguards in the industry of famous. However, operating in this dynamic threat environment requires developing specific competence to protect the Principals effectively.

In light of this, Nemesis Protection, as a leader in providing executive protection services, understands all the challenges that protection specialists face when working alongside a well-known person. Therefore, we have created this training program to meet the current market needs and prepare you on how to respond to these challenges successfully. The course is in-depth and covers realistic scenarios with hands-on experience. It is aimed at those wanting to enter the industry and at those of you already engaged in the close protection industry, adding to their skill set.

Extensively experienced instructors deliver scenario-based learning, and they will ensure that all candidates are properly trained. Our company has adopted a training philosophy – train as you will operate – underpinning our training principles to deliver the realistic, intensive, and dynamic course for candidates. You won't sit all day in the classroom nor practice outdated and never-tested techniques. You will practice on the field most of the time to demonstrate considerable acumen.

The course is available to private and public sector organizations and private individuals. The syllabus can be tailored to your organization's needs and delivered to your location worldwide. Pricing of the bespoke training program depends on curriculum, duration, and location. Get in touch at trainingdept@nemesisprotection.com to discuss your requirements.



Essential concepts and foundations of celebrity protection, conflict management, and crowd control

  • Roles and responsibilities of a bodyguard;

  • High-end venues and high-profile events security;

  • Dealing with media, paparazzi, fans, and stalkers;

  • Protecting a Principal while on foot, mobile, at venues, events;

  • Working solo and in a team | Crowd management;

  • Covert, overt, and low-profile protection;

  • Route and venue recce | Anti-ambush driving;

  • Hostile surveillance detection | TSCM | Anti-surveillance;

  • Search procedures (venue, vehicles, people);

  • Behavioral intelligence | Situational awareness;

  • Conflict management | Close Protection foot and vehicle drills;

  • Incident management | Communication | Interpersonal skills;

  • Embus, debus drills and reaction to attacks on foot, vehicle;

  • Threat assessment and risk analysis | International travel planning;

  • Hand-to-hand combat | Tactical knife combat;

  • Tactical weapons handling (concealed pistols);

  • The final exercise in a real-world environment (e.g., movie premier, concert, etc.).


You will be able to

  • Protect a Principal at a venue, event, during movement on foot, a vehicle;

  • Conduct protective ops at high-end venues and high-profile events;

  • Deal with media, paparazzi, fans, and stalkers;

  • Detect hostile surveillance and prevent stalking;

  • Apply conflict management techniques to defuse conflicts;

  • Apply evacuation techniques to extract the Principal;

  • Use hand-to-hand and tactical knife combat techniques;

  • Carry out route and venue recce;

  • Make international travel planning and maintain security;

  • Apply anti-ambush driving;

  • Handle weapons (concealed handguns) safely.


The following certificates are awarded

  1. Certificate in Providing Celebrity Protection

  2. Lifetime Access to our N-Protect forum

Q & A

How much does the course cost?

The 7-day course costs 2000 EUR, and pricing is all-inclusive, covering accommodation, food, training facilities, learning material, equipment, airport pick-up and drop-off, and certificates.

What are the entry requirements?

The course is open to everyone who meets the following prerequisites.

  • Has a good level of fitness and grasp of English

  • Is 18 years old and over

  • Has a clean criminal record and driver's license

  • Is in a good medical and mental condition

How to book the course?

If you are interested in attending the course, please contact us since there aren't scheduled course dates yet.

Is there a guaranteed job placement after the course?

In short, no, there isn't. No one can surely guarantee you a job after the course. However, we can promise a high level of training and on-going post-course support.