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Our discreet and highly-skilled Executive Protection Specialists will ensure protection when you need it most. It is the most excellent way to protect what's most important to you.


Above and Beyond

Highly Skilled Personnel

Professional know-how

All our staff is rigorously trained professionals to deliver all aspects of close protection, relying on a proactive and experience-based approach.

Well-tried Methods

Optimum results

We employ tried and trusted methods based on careful planning and thorough preparation, leaving nothing to chance.

Leading-edge Technology

Meeting the objectives

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to ensure reliable personal security.

Round-the-clock Services

Client-oriented approach

We provide 24/7/365 private protection, including monitoring of all security operations from our Operations Control Center.

"Parum Ad Agere."

Service Overview

Our executive protection services are ideal for those of you who are looking for effective personal security measures to mitigate threats since you are exposed to the elevated security risk due to your employment, high-profile status, wealth, associations, geographical location, or any other reason that would make you vulnerable and the target of a physical assault, harm, or kidnapping.

Why Close Protection

As a consequence of today's expanding and globalized market, multinational corporations, international non-governmental organizations, media, celebrities, high-net-worth individuals, and alike are highly vulnerable to threats, such as crime, terrorism, and crisis. All threats, whether to personnel, business operations, or facilities, need to be properly assessed and mitigated. Otherwise, the result could be abduction, hijacking, robbery, injury, illness, project failure, or even death. In that event, security needs, in their many forms, continue to be ranked as one of the most significant human needs concerning governments, corporations, and private individuals worldwide.

Our Solutions

Threats have become more complex and more diverse, leading to a growing demand for a professional personal security company. In this regard, Nemesis Protection completely understands conventional and unconventional threats and can identify, contain, and reduce both existing and emerging ones effectively by assigning security measures commensurating with them. Our company engages extensively experienced, carefully selected, highly trained, thoroughly vetted, and completely discreet protection specialists, both male and female, relevant to your needs and operational requirements to protect you in all threat environments.

As a highly regarded security corporation, Nemesis Protection achieves all-round excellence by applying the proactive approach, constantly assessing our operatives, and reassessing every taken action. We can supply a close protection team or a single bodyguard, armed or unarmed protection, depending on the risk of each task. All security operations remain confidential and are constantly monitored by our 24/7 Operations Control Center (OCC) to ensure maximum efficiency and crisis support. Our multinational, multilingual executive protection specialists operate coherently worldwide and can provide the following.

  • Risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments to define your threat profile and assign personal security measures that are proportionate with a threat;

  • Close protection in all threat environments – including low-, moderate-, high-, and extreme-risk zones, enabling you to carry on a safe and successful business across the globe;

  • All aspects of close protection – Corporate Executive Protection, VIP Bodyguard Services, Diplomatic Protection, High-Net-Worth Protection, and High Threat Protection to fulfill every type of need suitably;

  • Different methods of protection:

    • Covert Protection (Protective Surveillance) provides inconspicuous protection for you either due to your request (if you want unobtrusive bodyguard services) or operational requirements (if due to the operational environment, the overt protection is unsuitable);

    • Overt Protection provides high-profile and open protection suitable for a certain profile of clients and operational environments;

    • Their combination thereof provides integrated protection, e.g., if a threat model is too complex, and threat mitigation requires their combination. 

  • Protective intelligence to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate threats to you;

  • Embedded close protection consultants, ideal for corporations and private households (live-in protection);  

  • Operational support – providing operational assistance for other companies and organizations.

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