Close Protection Services_

Personal security remains one of the most critical issues concerning ultra-high-net-worth individuals, diplomats, dignitaries, CEOs, and celebrities. You could be at a heightened security risk due to your employment, high-profile status, wealth, associations, location, or any other reason that could make you vulnerable to attacks and a potential target of blackmail, extortion, and kidnapping.

Nemesis Protection Global is a leading close protection company that fully understands current security challenges facing high-ranking and high-risk individuals, enabling governments and corporations to protect their VIPs. Our discreet bodyguards can identify and alleviate threats before they eventuate by applying a proactive, multi-layered, integrated approach, keeping you safe from physical, financial, and reputational harm.

Our international bodyguard services involve:

  • Ex-special forces bodyguards

  • Threat assessments and risk analysis

  • International travel security

  • Close protection drivers

  • Route reconnaissance and site surveys

  • Counter-assault, counter-surveillance, and incident response teams

  • Armed mobile escorts and convoy protection

  • Security for private luxury events, high-end venues, and valuable assets

  • Anti-surveillance, surveillance detection, and covert surveillance

  • Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM)

  • Covert protection and protective surveillance

  • High-risk protection

  • Kidnapping prevention

  • Celebrity and corporate VIP protection

  • Emergency evacuation and hostage rescue


Executive Protection Services_

  • Adapting our modus operandi to your needs avoids overprotection, delivering all aspects of close protection to ensure your safety all the time, in conflict zones or everyday situations. 

  • Our special forces executive protection specialists keep a low profile, maintaining a safe and secure environment in low-, moderate-, and high-risk areas. 

  • Offering ex-military bodyguards with great people skills and can-do attitude, working solo/in a team, armed/unarmed, covertly/overtly. 

  • Giving sound advice and practical, emotional support.


Covert Executive Protection_

  • You don't need to trade off freedom and privacy for security; with our covert protection services, you get undetected, less intrusive close protection detail.

  • Our covert protection agents apply advanced, sophisticated techniques, looking after you inconspicuously at every turn. 

  • Our silent professionals can fit in any situation to deliver undisclosed protective services [blending into any operational environment, regular-looking, concealed weapons, plain clothes, no earpieces].


Protective Services Detail_

  • Our armed personal security details keep VIPs out of harm's way when they face credible threats and visit the world's hostile, unstable environments.

  • Our personal protection detail operators have a military/police background and are fully equipped, experienced, rigorously trained, and thoroughly vetted.