Close Protection Services Croatia_

Croatia has a low crime rate and is safe for female travelers. However, high-ranking, wealthy, and high-risk individuals could be victims of physical, financial, and reputational harm due to their unique profiles.

Nemesis Protection Global can reduce risks associated with location, business, activity, and any other reason that could expose VIPs to menaces of extortion, blackmail, ransomware, kidnapping, and robbery. Our ex-special forces bodyguards employ a low-profile, layered, integrated approach to take care of your safety discreetly and confidently.

  • Threat assessments and risk analysis

  • Travel risk advisory

  • VIP transportation and airport transfers

  • Route reconnaissance and site surveys

  • Counter-ambush, security advance, and counter-surveillance teams

  • Armed security escorts

  • Security for prestige events, mansions, and yachts

  • Anti-surveillance, surveillance detection, and covert surveillance

  • Detecting and preventing electronic eavesdropping

  • Covert protection and protective surveillance

  • High-risk protection

  • Kidnapping prevention and hostage rescue

  • Celebrity and corporate VIP security

  • Standby security and incident response


Bodyguard Service in Croatia_

  • VIP protection service in Croatia is 24/7/365 available.

  • Offering equipped, highly competent, thoroughly vetted, ex-military/police, and meticulously selected personal protection officers.

  • You can hire a personal bodyguard or protective security detail, armed/unarmed protection, female/male personal protection specialists, locals or ex-pats, hourly/daily.

  • Our VIP bodyguards possess physical, technical, and mental resources, professional know-how, necessary licenses, proven track record, local/international experience, and can operate solo/in a team and covertly/overtly.


Croatia Travel Assistance_

  • Providing comprehensive travel risk management solutions.

  • Producing relevant insights into the possible risks, assisting you with travel preparation and pre-departure planning.

  • Continually supporting you throughout your visit by offering 24/7 trip monitoring.

  • Scanning the local environment for potential dangers, keeping you updated with any developments on the ground, and ensuring suitable crisis intervention.