Close Protection Services Nigeria_

Nigeria is beset by many endemic problems that could impact your safety and security. Terrorism, corruption, political violence, crime, kidnappings, and piracy are security challenges facing this West African country that must be considered when traveling.

Nemesis Protection Global fully understands the local threat landscape and can minimize inherent security risks, enabling high-ranking and wealthy individuals to stay out of harm's way when visiting Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt. Our discreet ex-special forces bodyguards apply a low-key, layered, interdisciplinary approach to professionally look after government and commercial VIPs.


Bodyguard Service in Nigeria_

  • VIP protection service in Nigeria is 24/7/365 available.

  • Offering equipped, highly-skilled, thoroughly vetted, ex-military/police, and carefully selected close protection bodyguards.

  • You can hire a personal protection officer or executive protection team, armed/unarmed security, female/male bodyguards, locals/ex-pats, hourly/daily.

  • Our executive protection agents have the necessary physical, technical, and mental resources, professional know-how, qualifications, and long experience, and can operate solo/in a team and covertly/overtly.


Nigeria Travel Assistance_

  • Delivering complete travel security services.

  • Providing local intelligence, aiding your travel preparation, and pre-departure planning.

  • Constantly assisting you throughout your visit by conducting 24/7 travel monitoring.

  • Analyzing the local environment for possible hazards, keeping you updated with any developments on the ground, and ensuring appropriate emergency response.