Close Protection Services Serbia_

Serbia is generally a safe travel destination. However, it could be dangerous to a certain extent for VIPs due to the security risks arising from the local environment and vulnerabilities attached to their specific profile.

Nemesis Protection Global completely understands the country-related hazards and has the total capacity to ensure protection during your stay. Our ex-special forces bodyguards use a discreet, layered, multidisciplinary approach, keeping government and corporate VIPs safe.

  • Threat assessments and preliminary analysis

  • Travel risk management

  • VIP transportation

  • Meet and greet airport services

  • Route and venue reconnaissance

  • Counter-attack, security advance, and counter-surveillance teams

  • Armed mobile escorts

  • Event and site security

  • Anti-surveillance, surveillance detection, and undercover surveillance

  • Debugging for vehicles, residencies, and offices

  • High-profile, low-profile, and covert executive protection

  • High threat protection

  • Kidnapping prevention and hostage rescue

  • Celebrity and corporate VIP protection

  • Standby security and emergency response


Bodyguard Service in Serbia_

  • VIP security service in Serbia is 24/7/365 available.

  • Offering equipped, highly qualified, thoroughly vetted, ex-military/police, and carefully selected close protection operatives.

  • Providing VIP bodyguard or a close protection team, armed/unarmed security, female/male personal security officers, locals or ex-pats, hourly/daily.

  • Our close protection professionals are physically and mentally robust, vastly experienced, multi-lingual, culturally aware, tech-savvy, have a can-do attitude, excellent people skills, work solo/in a team, and covertly/overtly.


Serbia Travel Assistance_

  • Providing complete travel security services.

  • Producing valuable insights into the potential risks, assisting you with travel preparation and pre-departure planning.

  • Constantly supporting you throughout your visit by offering 24/7 trip monitoring.

  • Scanning the local environment for likely threats, keeping you updated with any developments on the ground, and ensuring timely incident response.