Close Protection Training_

Executive protection agents must constantly and rigorously train to develop and maintain their professional know-how. Nemesis Protection Global is a proven bodyguard company that fully understands the current demands for highly skilled close protection officers and has created protective security specialist training to meet the highest operational requirements.

Our executive bodyguard training programs are based on reality and backed up by our long experience in the industry. Get trained with us if you want to be ready for real-life situations.


Advanced CP_

Get all-around bodyguard competency and operate in all-threat environments worldwide. VIEW MORE


Advanced Surveillance_

Learn how to detect hostile surveillance, apply anti-surveillance, and conduct covert and counter-surveillance.


High Threat EP_

Develop the skillset for protective security missions in a high-risk theater of operations.


Advanced PSD_

Become ready for personal security detail missions in complex and challenging environments.



Executive Protection_

Refresh your perishable skills or build a solid foundation for providing executive protection.


Covert Protection_

Acquire covert protection agent capabilities with our low-profile executive protection training to protect VIPs discreetly in dynamic threat environments.