Corporate Solutions_

Nemesis Protection Global fully understands security issues facing today's enterprises operating in global markets. We produce optimal, integrated, and resilient security solutions for every business size and type, helping your organization run international business operations smoothly and effectively.

Regardless of your industry, business scope, and area of operation, our ex-special forces security company can lessen likely security risks to an acceptable level, enabling you to focus on critical business matters. Please take a look at our offers and contact us for more details.


N-Guard Corporate_

Enabling your company to fulfill its duty of care by keeping your employees safe when working in hostile environments and visiting hotspots.


Executive Transportation_

Executive protection drivers provide safe transportation to c-level executives traveling overseas.


Static Security_

Armed/unarmed security guards prevent a wide range of workplace crimes like theft, property damage, and assaults.


Executive Protection_

Special forces executive protection agents ensure the personal security of corporate VIPs at every step of the way. 



Mobile Security_

Convoy protection protects your logistics network from inherent threats in the global supply chain.


Business Intelligence_

Allowing you to streamline decision-making with strategic intelligence on security, business, and political risks.