Covert Protection Services_

Some VIPs prefer unobtrusive protective details due to concerns over public image or customs. Complex situations require low-profile close protection teams to mitigate threats more effectively.

Regardless of the reason for covert executive protection, Nemesis Protection Global special forces executive protection agency can meet your needs completely. Our discreet modus operandi, state-of-the-art technology, and ex-special forces bodyguards have an impeccable record of protecting high-ranking, high-net-worth, and at-risk individuals from physical, financial, and reputation perils. Check out our offer and contact us for more info.


Protective Surveillance_

  • Using a specialist method of close protection for high-risk operations and VIPs/Principals who require inconspicuous personal security detail.

  • Our covert protection agents are ex-military/police bodyguards with long and proven experience in the private sector. They can blend into any environment and ensure your safety without attracting too much attention and intrusion into privacy. 

  • We tailor the service to your particular needs to prevent security issues, combining covert [low-profile] and overt [high-profile] protection. 


Travel Covert Protection_

  • Travel covert protection agents maintain a secure and safe environment, representing the invisible shield that enables VIPs to travel safely to any location, ranging from low and moderate to high threat environments.



  • Conducting offensive, covert, physical surveillance on hazards to gather first-hand intel on threats, capabilities, resources, motives, and other pertinent information, enhancing the effectiveness of protective surveillance.