Covert Protection Services_

Some VIPs prefer unobtrusive personal protection services due to the public image and individual or cultural concerns. Complex situations require a specific approach to personal security, such as a covert close protection detail to mitigate threats more effectively.

Regardless of the reason for covert executive protection services, Nemesis Protection Global is a special forces executive protection agency that can meet your needs completely. Our discreet modus operandi, state-of-the-art technology, and ex-special forces bodyguards have an impeccable record of protecting high-ranking, high-net-worth, and at-risk individuals from physical, financial, and reputation perils.

Get in touch and check out why our company is a preferred provider of close protection services to fortune 500 companies, celebrities, and the world's affluent families.

  • Undetected protective details [a personal security detail blends into any scene, using concealed weapons, plain clothes, covert communication, low-profile security escort]

  • Reconnaissance, surveillance detection, and counter-surveillance teams

  • Low-key defensive driving [unmarked, fit-for-purpose vehicles]

  • Rapid Incident response and full crisis support [a quick reaction force, security extraction, medical evacuation, hostage rescue]

  • International travel protection [travel covert protection agents]


Protective Surveillance_

  • Using protective surveillance is a specialist, covert method of close protection for high-risk operations and Principals requiring an inconspicuous personal security detail.

  • Our covert protection agents are ex-military/police bodyguards with long and proven experience in the private sector. They maintain a low profile to ensure your safety without attracting too much attention and intrusion into privacy. 

  • We tailor the service to your needs to avoid overprotection and prevent security incidents, combining covert [low-profile] and overt [high-profile] protection. 


Travel Covert Protection_

  • Travel covert protection agents keep a secure and safe environment, representing the invisible shield that enables VIPs to travel safely to any location, ranging from low and moderate to high threat environments.



  • Conducting offensive, covert, physical surveillance on hazards to gather first-hand intel on threats, capabilities, resources, motives, and other pertinent information enhances the effectiveness of protective surveillance.