Crisis Management Services

Crisis Management Services

Dealing with unpredictable events predictably successful.

If you need disaster recovery following a natural catastrophe, the retrieval of kidnapped, an emergency extraction in a crisis, and a medical evacuation for a serious injury—our company can answer your specific requests anytime, anywhere.

Helicopter Rescue


Above and Beyond

Top-Tier First Responders

Accountability and reliability

All our team members are vastly experienced professionals to deliver a full-scale and customized crisis intervention.

Modus Operandi

Task-Oriented Solutions

Our crisis response advisors adopt a straightforward approach to help you in dire situations in an appropriate, responsible and prudent manner.

Sophisticated Technology

Making things happen

We use modern tools and equipment, allowing topmost operating performance.

Round-The-Clock Services

Client-Specific Approach 

Our company provides 24/7/365 services, including monitoring of all operations from our Global Security Operations Control Center (GSOCC).

Emergency Evacuation Services

"Datum Perficiemus Munus Ere."

 Service Overview

Our crisis management solutions are intended for corporations and individuals looking for the best remedy for unforeseen adverse developments that threaten to cripple and incapacitate organizations, operations, people, and assets. Applying our crisis leadership is an essential element of our crisis response, supporting clients placed in dangerous and uncontrollable situations, ensuring the execution of sensitive tasks discreetly and effectively.

Why Crisis Management

As a result of the globalized world, there is an exponential rise in international business and travel. However, some world regions are characterized by a growing surge of uncertainty and elevated risks (i.e., security, safety, health, and transport risks). Thus, companies and individuals operating within hostile and harsh environments are susceptible to a range of threats (e.g., terrorism, abduction, natural hazards, political violence, road accidents, and infectious diseases), where situations often suddenly escalate into serious out of control predicaments causing distress and discomfort, exposing you to real and imminent dangers. The first hours after a crisis arises are the most critical; a timely emergency response won't stop bad from happening, but it will prevent bad from getting worse.

Our Crisis Management Solutions

Nemesis Protection Global LLC is specially qualified to deliver all-out and made-to-order crisis management services. Our first responders will support and guide you and intervene without delay—assisting in delicate and life-threatening happenings. We engage only highly competent personnel with the first-hand experience from government emergency services across the world. Our tried and tested modus operandi, leading-edge technical solutions, and resourceful teams will swiftly respond to all your emergency needs globally by providing the following.​

  • Crisis response and resilience planning—designing strategies helping you be prepared for and cope with an unanticipated negative occurrence to prevent it from escalating into even bigger trouble or aggravating into a full-blown, widespread, fatal catastrophe;

  • Emergency response planning to reduce the harm of potential episodes that could endanger your ability to function, while maintaining the safety of personnel, property, and facilities (e.g., a plan that includes the emergency evacuation insurance policy);

  • Emergency evacuation: extraction and repatriation from a hazardous location hit by an acute crisis;

  • Medical evacuation: MEDEVAC and CASEVAC due to severe injuries and serious health conditions;

  • Training: crisis management and emergency response training to prepare you/your staff to handle a menace and to decrease harmful effects;

  • Kidnap and ransom advisory and response: a rescue task force for retrieving kidnapped individuals, specialists for providing crisis/hostage negotiations, and the insurance against kidnapping to secure an adequate and timely answer;

  • Disaster preparedness and response planning to get ready for and minimize the detrimental impact of natural disasters; 

  • Contingency planning to lessen the influence of predictable and quantifiable problems, and unexpected and unwelcome outcomes; to plan for how the business of your organization will resume normal operations after an incident;

  • Post-disaster strategies and business resilience management—building the blueprint for the restoration of your organization's services, following a disaster.

To learn more about our Crisis Management Services, check out our completed projects; if you are interested in contracting our company, get in touch to request a quote.

Crisis Management

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