Crisis Management

If you require disaster recovery following natural disasters, a rescue task force in kidnap-for-ransom situations, emergency response in a time of a political crisis, or medical evacuation after a serious injury, our company can help you anytime, anywhere.


Above and Beyond

Top-tier First Responders

Responsibility and reliability

All our team members are vastly experienced professionals to deliver full-scale and timely crisis response.

Modus Operandi

Task-oriented solutions

Our crisis response advisors adopt a straightforward approach to solve your delicate situation in an appropriate, responsible, and prudent manner.

Sophisticated Technology

Making things happen

We utilize modern equipment, allowing maximum efficiency.

Round-the-clock Services

Client-specific approach 

We provide 24/7/365 services, including monitoring of all global operations from our Operations Control Center.

"Datum Perficiemus Munus Ere."

Service Overview


Our crisis management solutions are intended for corporations and individuals looking for feasible and reliable solutions to negative and unforeseen events that would impact their business and lives. Applying our crisis leadership, Nemesis Protection supports clients placed in complex situations and challenging environments, ensuring the execution of sensitive tasks timely, rapidly, and effectively.

Why Crisis Management


Some marketplaces are characterized by high levels of security risks, where situations often suddenly escalate into violence and distress, causing discomfort, exposing you to an imminent danger. The first hours after a crisis arises, are the most critical. A timely emergency response won't stop bad from happening, but it will prevent bad from getting worse. 

Our Solutions


With that in mind, Nemesis Protection, as a highly capable private security organization, delivers far-reaching crisis management services. Our crisis response advisors will support and guide you and intervene in no time in delicate, volatile, and life-threatening situations. We engage only highly skilled personnel with first-hand experience from government emergency services around the world. Applying crisis leadership and resourceful teams, Nemesis Protection can swiftly answer all your emergency calls globally.

Nemesis Protection provides a full scale of crisis management services, find out more about our offerings and benefits below.

  • Crisis response and resilience planning – designing strategies helping you to be prepared for and to respond to an unpredictable negative event to prevent it from escalating into an even bigger problem or aggravating into a full-blown, widespread, life-threatening catastrophe;

  • Emergency response planning to mitigate the damage of potential events that could endanger your ability to function, ensuring the safety of personnel, property, and facilities;

  • Emergency evacuation – removing you from a dangerous place hit by a severe crisis;

  • Training – crisis management and emergency response training to prepare you and your staff to respond to peril and reduce negative impacts;

  • Kidnap and ransom advisory and response – ensuring an adequate response to a kidnapping situation;

  • Disaster preparedness and response planning to prepare for and minimize the effects of disasters; 

  • Contingency planning to minimize the impact of predictable and quantifiable problems, and unexpected and unwelcome events, and to plan for how the business of your organization will resume normal operations after the event;

  • Post-disaster strategies and business resilience management – building the blueprint for the restoration of your organization's services, following a disaster.

To learn more about our Crisis Management Services, check out our completed projects, and if you are interested in contracting our company, get in touch to request a quote.


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