Emergency Evacuation Services_

Nowadays, traveling and operating worldwide are risky, exposing people, organizations, and assets to many potential crises, ranging from man-made hazards to natural catastrophes. These dire situations require immediate actions to decrease negative outcomes.


Nemesis Protection Global is uniquely qualified to provide emergency response for those caught in predicaments, offering expeditious evacuation and repatriation. Our agile crisis intervention ensures safety and recovery, reducing disruptions, losses, and casualties. Features:

  • Emergency management

  • Emergency assistance, planning, advisory, and evacuation [security extraction, field rescue, medical evacuation, repatriation]

  • Crisis monitoring and travel alerts

  • Emergency preparedness training


Emergency Management_

  • Providing embedded emergency response specialists to assist your business in the planning and managing the resources and duties for all phases of disasters (preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery), minimizing the adverse impacts of perils.


Emergency Preparedness Training_

  • Delivering emergency response and crisis management training for your employees to prepare them for emergencies, enabling proper responses to avoid further business interruptions and damages.


Emergency Response_

  • Offering determined and prompt interventions, saving lives, and protecting property and the environment. 

  • Our emergency response can help you in various complexities such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and coup d’état.

  • We offer safe houses and repatriation, ensuring safe and efficient extractions. 


Global Crisis Advisory_

  • Ensuring safe and secured environments for our clients by constantly monitoring their trips, employees, VIPs, operations, and projects in disaster-prone regions. 

  • Analyzing a local scene to discover threats and propose adequate remedies.

  • Scanning for problems to identify and prevent incidents from escalating into a crisis. 


Medical Evacuation Insurance_

  • Our medical evacuation and repatriation insurance covers repatriation if you encounter severe injuries and medical conditions abroad and need to be evacuated to your home country or a better equipped medical facility.