Executive Protection Services_

Being a corporate executive is a great amenity and a vulnerability simultaneously; situations that could endanger a c-level executive range from workplace violence, blackmail, and extortion to kidnapping and terrorism. These events threaten not only individual CEOs but could cripple the entire organization. Therefore, corporate clients should consider hiring executive protection specialists to keep their VIPs safe.

We at Nemesis Protection Global understand the security challenges facing today's enterprises and have what it takes to ensure your leaders stay out of harm's way locally or internationally. Would you please look at our offering and reach us for more details?


Corporate VIP Protection_

Our protective services for corporations, c-suite executives, and employees operating in challenging and hostile environments include:

  • Ex-special forces bodyguards

  • Preliminary planning, risk assessments, and threat analysis

  • Corporate travel risk management and duty of care

  • Executive transportation and driver bodyguards

  • Route and venue reconnaissance

  • ​Counter-attack, emergency response, and counter-surveillance teams

  • Armed mobile escorts and convoy protection

  • Armed static security for sites, facilities, and projects

  • Undercover surveillance, anti-surveillance, and surveillance detection

  • Bug sweeping for vehicles, offices, and residencies

  • Covert close protection security

  • High-risk protection

  • Executive VIP protection

  • Standby security and kidnap and ransom services [prevention, insurance, and response]

  • Medical evacuation and security extraction