Executive Protection Training

Executive Protection Course

This intensive 28-day training course will provide you with the required level of competence to start a career as a capable Executive Protection Operative in the corporate close protection industry.

Bodyguard Training Course


Above and Beyond

Top-Notch Syllabus

Learning the ropes

You will learn how to provide executive protection professionally and effectively.

Skillful Instructors

Be trained by the best

The course is taught by instructors who are vastly experienced and still active in the industry.

Practical Learning

Wasting no time

You will practice tried and trusted techniques and tactics over the challenging 28-day period.

Executive Protection Training

Why Taking Executive Protection Training

The 28-day course will enable you to protect a wide range of clients against diverse threats.

If you seek a high-level bodyguard training to equip you with core skills to embark on a career in the contemporary close protection industry, our 28-day Executive Protection Training Course matches the profile.

The unpredictability of terrorizing events has kept people on alert and wary of threats to their safety and well-being. Specific threats and a general sense of anxiety are causing more people to seek close protection services to protect them, their business, and assets in case of peril; because of this increased demand, greater emphasis is being placed on highly qualified protection specialists. The required level of competence for a professional bodyguard can be achieved only by undertaking an in-depth and well-structured training course; however, not so many training programs fitting the requirements are available in today's private industry. Many close protection training programs are focussed on classic and outdated bodyguard methods. Nemesis Protection Global LLC has designed this peerless training course to teach you how to protect a Principal/VIP in the modern age by applying a proactive and integrated approach

Our company follows a training strategy: train as you will operate, underpinning our training principles to offer a no-nonsense, up-to-date, and relevant course for all attendees. You won't sit all day in the classroom or practice out-fashioned and never-tested techniques; you will practice on the field most of the time to learn from your own mistakes and to develop the far-sighted judgment to make good decisions and choices.

The course is for the commercial and government sectors and private individuals. The syllabus can be adapted to your organization's requests and provided for your staff at your location globally. The pricing of the tailor-made training program depends on curriculum, duration, and location. Reach us at trainingdept@nemesisprotection.com for more details.



Essential topics for starting a career in the industry;

  • Roles and responsibilities of a professional bodyguard;

  • Concept of a modern security detail;

  • Threat assessment; risk analysis; ops planning;

  • Transport management; route/venue recce;

  • Teamwork; operational briefing/debriefing;

  • Inconspicuous close protection foot/vehicle drills;

  • Vehicle and buildings embus/debus;

  • Attack recognition and reaction to armed attacks on foot/vehicle;

  • Venue-Based and event security;

  • Search procedures: venues, people, and vehicles;

  • Behavioral intelligence; interpersonal skills;

  • Business etiquette; international travel planning;

  • Emergency communication; conflict management;

  • Incident management; situational awareness;

  • Personal Security (PERSEC); anti-kidnapping;

  • Defensive, evasive, and anti-ambush driving;

  • Tactical weapons handling; concealed carry training: pistols and rifles;

  • Cybersecurity awareness;

  • Counter-Surveillance, anti-surveillance, and TSCM;

  • Protective intelligence; threat intelligence;

  • Operational Security (OPSEC); emergency first aid;

  • Covert, overt, and low-profile protection;

  • Hand-2-Hand and tactical knife combat;

  • The final exercise in real-world conditions.


Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Understand modern executive protection (job hunting, CV writing, job interviews, mission planning, and dos/don'ts); develop business-like mindset (communicate with employers/clients, and administration/invoicing, etc.);

  • Learn the contemporary method of close protection;

  • Plan and prepare executive protection operations to reduce threats, vulnerabilities, and risks;

  • Unobtrusively maintain the safety and security of a Principal/VIP while on foot/mobile, at venues/events;

  • Determine, assess, and mitigate threats, susceptibilities, and risks;

  • Provide executive protection solo and in a team;

  • Use unarmed combat skills to protect the Principal/VIP and yourselves;

  • Liaise and communicate with the Principal, team, and others;

  • Provide immediate response to medical emergencies;

  • Deal with potential conflict while providing protection;

  • Maintain personal and operational security;

  • Handle pistols and rifles safely and tactically;

  • Select a route and conduct a recce;

  • Perform vehicle, people, and site search; conduct TSCM sweeps to detect and prevent information leak;

  • Detect hostile surveillance; assign anti-surveillance measures and counter-surveillance tactics to reinforce the protection;

  • Understand current cybersecurity threats;

  • Make international travel plans for the Principal/VIP;

  • Apply evasive, defensive, and anti-ambush driving.


The following qualifications are awarded:

  1. 280-hour Close Protection specialization: Executive Protection Operative (in-house certifications)

  2. Lifetime Access to our N-Protect forum

Q & A

How much does the course cost?

The 28-day EP training course costs €3.999; the price is all-inclusive—covering accommodation, food, training facilities, learning material, equipment, airport pick-up/drop-off, and in-house course certificates.

What are the entry requirements?

The course is open to everyone who meets the following prerequisites.

  • Have military/police/security-related experience;

  • Have a good fitness level and grasp of English;

  • Are minimum 18 years old;

  • Have a clean criminal record and driver's license;

  • Are in good medical, physical, and mental condition.

How to book the course?

If you are interested in attending the course, click on the Register Now; it will redirect you to the event page; fill in your details and pay a non-refundable deposit of €1000 required to secure your place.

Is there a guaranteed job placement after the course?

In short, no, there is not; it is not ethical nor professional to guarantee you a job after the course because of many reasons; for example, whether a candidate is fit for a position, it's impossible to know in advance. Besides, market demand and client preferences are constantly changing and are hard to predict; however, we are an operational company, and when an opportunity arises, we prefer our graduates above all others. We can only promise a high level of training and ongoing post-course support.

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