Executive Protection Services Miami_

If you seek personal bodyguards for hire in Miami, Nemesis Protection Global can address your needs completely. Our ex-special forces bodyguards, interdisciplinary approach, and long industry experience can mitigate threats and prevent security problems, professionally taking care of commercial and government VIPs.

We provide private protection services for c-suite executives, wealthy, high-ranking, and high-profile individuals in Miami, including:

  • Risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments

  • International travel protection

  • VIP transportation

  • Route reconnaissance and site surveys

  • Counter-attack, security advance, and counter-surveillance teams

  • Armed security escorts

  • Residential security, event security, and yacht security

  • Anti-surveillance, surveillance detection, and undercover surveillance

  • Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM)

  • High-profile, low-profile, and covert protection

  • High threat executive protection

  • Corporate and celebrity bodyguards

  • Nanny bodyguards for child protection

  • Kidnapping prevention and hostage rescue

  • Travel insurance [emergency evacuation and kidnapping response]


Executive Protection Florida_

  • Our close protection security services in Miami and throughout Florida are 24/7/365 at your service.

  • Offering equipped, highly competent, experienced, thoroughly vetted, and carefully selected executive protection bodyguards.

  • You can engage an executive bodyguard or executive protection detail, armed/unarmed security, female/male personal protection officers, hourly/daily.

  • Providing close protection bodyguards possessing vast physical, technical, and mental capabilities and can operate solo/in a team and covertly/overtly.

  • We offer live-in bodyguards providing 24/7 personal protection.

  • Rendering additional services such as private and corporate investigations, intelligence and counterintelligence, and travel risk and crisis management.