Firearms Training_

Whether you seek firearms training for personal or professional use, Nemesis Protection Global firearm training programs equip you with readily applicable weapon handling techniques.

Our firearms instructors deliver no-nonsense training customized to individual needs and knowledge, meeting your most demanding requirements.


Tactical Pistol_

Learn how to handle a 9mm handgun in critical moments and increase your shooting speed and accuracy under stress and duress.


Combined Firearms_

Train with a primary weapon system [rifle] and a secondary weapon system [pistol] and improve your tactical shooting skills and confidence with pistols, carbines, and submachine guns. 


Vehicle CQB_

The vehicle close-quarters battle course teaches you how to use pistols, rifles, and lone-operator tactics to fight in, out, and around vehicles.


Tactical Rifle_

Take live ammunition training with assault rifles [5.56mm & 7.62mm] and enhance your tactical handling of carbines.


Close Quarters Battle_

Get ready to operate as an organized fighting team in situations that require small-unit close combat tactics.



The designated defensive marksman course provides you with the competency of long-range precision rifles in urban and rural environments, enabling you to support high threat protective security operations.