Investigative Services_

Investigative services are crucial for complex cases such as locating missing persons, worker's compensation, civil lawsuits, and asset recovery. Nemesis Protection Global understands all subtleties of investigations and offers the best investigators. After years of experience working on small- and large-scale projects, our world-class investigators realize what it takes to get the results you seek.

With responsible research as one of the main pillars of our company, we consistently adhere to strict quality and privacy standards to ensure our work remains unbiased, relevant, ethical, and accurate. Regardless of your needs, we can provide you with the pertinent information you want. NPG offers:

  • Private, corporate, and insurance investigations

  • All aspects of surveillance [aerial, static/fixed, mobile (on foot and vehicle), technical]

  • Undercover investigation

  • Covert surveillance

  • Surveillance security services [video surveillance/CCTV] 

  • Stealth monitoring

  • Security awareness training [anti-surveillance]

  • Protective surveillance/covert protection

  • Surveillance detection and counter-surveillance

  • Reconnaissance, intelligence, and counterintelligence

  • Electronic surveillance countermeasures/TSCM

  • Emergency response

Surveillance Investigation_

  • Covert surveillance gathers first-hand information on targets that must not discover that they are the surveillance subject.

  • Our ex-military/police surveillance specialists closely and covertly observe persons, sites, and events, helping track down fugitives, detect insurance fraud, financial crime, money laundering, employee misconduct, human trafficking victims, and check business partners.


Surveillance Countermeasures_

  • We offer surveillance detection advisory to help you avoid hostile surveillance by criminals that precede robberies, abduction, violent/sexual crime, and other illegal activities.

  • Our anti-surveillance training lets you identify dangers and employ evasive and deceptive techniques to prevent security issues.

  • NPG recommends and assigns technical surveillance countermeasures to uncover eavesdropping devices and hidden cameras to preserve your privacy and hinder essential information leakage.


Asset Recovery_

  • Our company uses technology, intelligence, and an interdisciplinary approach combining investigations and incident response to locate and retrieve your misappropriated property worldwide.


Due Diligence_

  • Private investigators perform thorough background checks on your [potential] business partners regarding trade deals, investments, business disputes, and third-party relationships, helping you minimize the risk of fraud, corruption, and money laundering.



  • Our private investigation company offers corporate counterintelligence, enabling you to protect your organization's sensitive information and trade secrets from unauthorized access, deliberate damage, or theft.