Kidnapping Response Services_

Kidnapping is a persistent and inherent problem in some parts of the world. It is a lucrative business enabling terrorists and other criminals to raise funds for pursuing their goals.

High-net-worth and high-ranking individuals are the most frequently targeted and susceptible to menaces of kidnap for ransom, extortion, and blackmail, particularly when traveling to countries at-risk of kidnappings like Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, India, Mexico, Mali, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Venezuela.

You must deal with much red tape to get help in a kidnapping crisis overseas. Local police and security agencies are often unreliable, poorly equipped, and lack interest—causing delays in crisis response and increasing the risks of adverse outcomes.

Nemesis Protection Global is an ex-special forces security company that can help you cope with the kidnapping ordeal abroad, ensuring a discreet and safe hostage rescue worldwide. Services:

  • Risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments (RTVA)

  • Security intelligence and kidnapping threat mitigation strategies 

  • Kidnapping prevention measures and anti-kidnapping training [hostile surveillance detection, anti-tracking, situational awareness]

  • Rapid kidnapping emergency response [security extraction, safe house, repatriation]

  • Kidnapping investigation


Kidnap and Ransom Training_

  • Our kidnap and ransom consultants give practical anti-kidnapping advice, recommend target hardening solutions, and offer preventive kidnap and ransom training to educate you, your family members, and your employees on decreasing the risk of kidnapping, resisting abduction, enduring hostage-taking and learning negotiation techniques.


Kidnapping Recovery Services_

  • Our kidnap and ransom response involves complete solutions for kidnap recovery, including handling negotiations with kidnappers, delivering ransom money, hostage rescue, and post-incident actions.


Kidnap for Ransom Investigation_

  • Conducting missing person investigations to ascertain if an individual is a kidnapping victim and gathering pertinent info about the case. It is fitting for insurance companies and families of disappeared looking for hard evidence.


Risk and Crisis Management_

  • Our security risk management helps you identify, assess, and mitigate imminent and potential dangers.

  • We offer crisis management enabling you to respond, manage, and recover from unforeseen, negative events.

  • Our threat assessments produce valuable insights into possible and actual security risks, allowing you to prepare correctly.


Kidnap and Ransom Insurance_

  • K&R insurance covers you, your family, and your staff against a range of unconventional threats when traveling to the world's hotspots, such as kidnapping, active-shooter incidents, hostage-taking situations, extortion, blackmail, illegal detention, express kidnapping, human trafficking, and ransomware.