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Specialist training for the military.

Tactical Training Programs for the Military

Nemesis Protection Global LLC offers premier, all-embracing, and custom-built tactical training programs founded on strategies that are feasible, modern, and task-oriented. Techniques are tried on the ground, practical, and productive. Each course can be provided for entry-level personnel up to more experienced operators. Despite we have designed the duration/syllabus of each course, it can be amended according to your needs. For more details about Military Tactical Training Programs, reach us.

Counter-Ambush Tactics

Counter-ambush tactical training is a 3-day comprehensive course designed to provide the military with tactics to defeat ambush-style attacks. Candidates will practice dry, live-fire, and force-on-target movements, combining rifles and pistols.

  • Attack recognition; common methods of attack; react to contact/gunfire;

  • Solo and pair drills; break contact/cover down;

  • Counter-Ambush Tactics; react to a far ambush/sniper (counter-sniper);

  • React to an explosive ambush; shooting through glass barriers/door panels;

  • Close quarter battle drills from inside/outside a vehicle; multiple target engagement;

  • Utilizing a vehicle as a barricade; using the engine block and tires for cover.


The Counter Assault Team course is a 5-day tactical training created to develop the skills of a quick reactionary force, broadening the knowledge of military units so that they can protect each other and work in a highly disciplined team.

  • Prepare teams to work as a Quick Reaction Force (QRF); military close quarter battle (CQB);

  • The mindset preparation before the battle;

  • Shooting from a distance; tactical firearm transition (handguns and rifles);

  • Vehicle engagement drills (vehicle close-quarters combat);

  • Evacuation and extraction; hostage situations. 

CQC Tactics

Close Quarters Combat Training is a 5-day tactical course created to train members of Special Operations Tactical Units to conduct armed tactical operations in urban environments—ranging from counter-terrorism operations to hostage rescue interventions to hijacking situations.

  • Military CQC concepts;

  • Military close-quarters battle planning and execution;

  • Room, hallway, and stairway clearing;

  • Mechanical breaching; breach point procedures;

  • Barricade subject operations; stealth movement and search techniques;

  • Cover fire and bounding tactics; multiple entries and multiple targets;

  • Tactical weapon transaction drills; live-fire shooting scenario;

  • Hostage rescue scenario; extraction and evacuation drills;

  • Force-On-Force Training.

Scout Sniper

This 5-day sniper training is designed to teach participants about special operation precision rifle tactics; it is for individuals with basic marksmanship skills and experience either from military or law enforcement. The candidates will receive intensive tactical shooting training, in accordance with Special Operation Warfare Training Standards.

  • Long-range shooting from 100 to 500 m;

  • Optics, ballistics, range, and windage determination, shooting positions, zeroing, weapons handling, and maintenance;

  • Equipment selection and use; camouflage;

  • Stress and timed shooting drills;

  • Shooting through barriers/vehicles; low-light operations.


Protective Security Detail (PSD) training is a 7-day tactical course that prepares military personnel for close protection operations in conflict zones and high-risk terrain.

  • Mission planning and briefing; intelligence and advance operations;

  • Embus/debus foot and vehicle drills; foot formations;

  • Radio communications; teamwork; weapons and tactical procedures;

  • Hand-2-Hand Combat; tactical knife combat;

  • Reaction to an attack on foot/vehicle;

  • Convoy protection and motorcade operations;

  • Site security; tactical emergency casualty care;

  • Man-Down/vehicle-down scenarios.


The 7-day counterinsurgency training is designed to prepare armed forces on how to defeat and contain insurgency and address its root causes. The candidates will learn tactics required for fighting against an armed rebellion, non-state actors, and protecting the population against insurgent violence in a time of crisis such as political coup, occupation by a foreign military, and internal conflicts.

  • COIN strategy; unconventional warfare;

  • Counter-Guerrilla Warfare; demoralization techniques;

  • Weapons and tactics; understanding of revolutionary warfare;

  • Disciplined application of force; emergency response planning and crisis response.


Counter-terrorism Training Program is an intensive 5-day tactical course providing the military with hard skills (tactics and techniques) required for combating terrorism and non-state actors.

  • Fundamentals of terrorism; force protection;

  • Military Close Quarters Combat Techniques;

  • Threat assessment and risk analysis;

  • Emergency evacuation planning and response;

  • Unconventional warfare; force-on-force training.


The anti-piracy course is designed to prepare the military on how to conduct maritime security operations following the current maritime laws and conventions and your organization's SOPs and Rule of Engagement; it may include:

  • Anti-Piracy; anti-kidnapping; close-quarters battle;

  • Small-Team Weapon and Tactics; survival at sea;

  • Tactical medicine; ship safety procedures.

Tactical Knife Combat

Since knives are highly lethal weapons, knife defense tactics are crucial for all high-risk professions such as soldiers, police officers, and security professionals; also, a knife can be integrated into a personnel weapon system and used for attacking; therefore, the candidates must undergo a knife training to acquire both offensive and defensive skills with edged weapons.

  • Knife-2-Knife Fighting; pistols versus knives fighting;

  • Knife defense; countering and disarming techniques.

Hand-To-Hand Combat

Our hand-to-hand combat training is an intensive course that introduces candidates to martial arts weapons training combining situational awareness with different aspects of combat training. The course is intensive and demanding and includes lots of sparring and real-life scenarios.

  • Effects of fear; fighting in confined spaces: vehicles, buildings, rooms;

  • Fighting while injured/hands tied-up;

  • Fighting with multiple opponents;

  • Combat in low visibility/dark spaces;

  • Stand-Up Martial Arts Techniques: punches, elbows, knees, leg, and head kicks;

  • Ground-And-Pound Techniques;

  • Submission wrestling and grappling (defense and attacks);

  • Weapon disarming techniques (pistols, rifles, baton/bat);

  • Throwing and takedowns techniques (setups and counters);

  • Realistic scenarios and sparring.


The anti-terrorism course is focused on teaching the soft skills (strategy and practice) to prevent teror attacks; it may include the following topics.

  • Countering terrorism financing; intelligence cycle management;

  • Intelligence gathering and analysis; surveillance operations;

  • Human intelligence (HUMINT);

  • Counterintelligence; interception of communications;

  • Tracing persons of interest.

Hostage Rescue

Hostage Rescue Training is a 5-day tactical course for the military rescue task force, enhancing their tactics and techniques for the crucial aspects of hostage rescue missions.

  • Tactical operations center; crisis negotiation concepts;

  • Weapons selection and rapid deployment;

  • Emergency rescue entry; operator deployment techniques;

  • Hostage rescue tactics; bus, train, airplane, ship, and vehicle assaults;

  • Rescue team movement and stealth entry;

  • Use of force; tactical precision long rifle options.

Tactical Medicine

The 7-day Tactical Medical training combines field medical training with weapons handling and tactical procedures, preparing the candidates to provide emergency casualty care in life-threatening situations on the battlefield.

  • Tactical combat casualty care; rapid casualty assessment;

  • Mass casualty trauma care; airway management;

  • Tactical use of tourniquets;

  • Wound packing; hemorrhage control devices; medical kits for the first responders;

  • Providing tactical medical care under the fire;

  • Preparing casualty for medical evacuation (MEDEVAC, CASEVAC).

Tactical Driving

Road ambush is one of the most frequently employed tactics by terrorists and other criminals; this 3-day tactical driving course is designed to teach the candidates on how to manage vehicles in a critical moment on the road.

  • Evasive and defensive driving; blocking left and right turns;

  • U-Turns and J-turns; ramming techniques;

  • High-Speed Pursuit; anti-ambush driving;

  • Anti-Hijacking; off-road driving; counter-ambush techniques.


Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) Training is designed for military professionals to equip them with survival skills in both urban and rural environments. The course will test candidates' skills and push them to the limits to prepare them both mentally and physically to sustain life-threatening situations such as kidnapping, hijacking, and hostage situations.

  • Evasion planning; contingency planning;

  • Hostile environment preparedness; anti-kidnapping;

  • Communication and navigation;

  • Urban and wilderness survival; camouflage and concealment;

  • Situation awareness training; confinement and interrogation.

Urban Warfare

Unlike jungle warfare and combat operations in open spaces, urban warfare is different and complicated because of the presence of civilians; urban warfare tactical training is created to overcome the challenges of urban combat and prepare the participants for urban combat operations and the complexity of the urban terrain.

  • Military close-quarters battle techniques;

  • OBUA & FIBUA tactics; FOFO techniques;

  • Counter-Ambush; counter-sniper;

  • IEDs awareness; tactical medicine;

  • Guerilla warfare in the urban environment.

Jungle Warfare

Jungle warfare tactical training is designed to prepare the Military for operations in the jungle environment.

  • The jungle environment; life in the jungle; preparation and predeployment;

  • Jungle tactics and movement;

  • Combat service support;

  • Navigation and tracking; communication;

  • Camouflage and concealment; SERE;

  • Guerilla warfare in the jungle; target area orientation

  • Tactical weapon handling; intelligence; logistics;

  • Force-On-Force Training.


The modern operational environments for the military have unprecedentedly changed because of unconventional threats like terrorism, riots, and insurgency; therefore, military planners must take into consideration force protection to ensure mission success and safety of deployed soldiers. Having this in mind, Nemesis Protection Global LLC has developed the Advanced Force Protection in Hostile Environments Training for military and intelligence agencies that have a remit to deploy military personnel on dangerous missions. The course will equip candidates with individual close-quarters battle and personal force protection skills—enabling them to carry out sensitive operations in hostile environments and sustain behind enemy lines; the course can be tailored to your organization's need and may include the following:

  • Small-Team and lone-operator tactics;

  • Close Quarters Combat: vehicles, confined spaces, and buildings;

  • Low visibility and night shooting; tactical firearms;

  • Hand-2-Hand Combat; tactical knife combat;

  • Hostile environment preparedness; improvised weapons;

  • Unconventional threats: terrorism, insurgency, riots, environmental threats, non-state actors, and active shooters;

  • Fighting in a situation with 360-degree threats;

  • Tactical medicine; crisis management training.

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