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Since opening our doors, Nemesis Protection Global LLC has developed and grown, mostly because of our exceptional teams. We are proud of our staff’s abilities to contribute their unique experience and skills to our continuing success. Our teams are multinational, multilingual, and highly experienced, so they understand your needs and the environment in which you do business.


Managing Director

A Security Consultant adept at leading others, with years of experience in protection and investigations worldwide. Protecting clients operating in diverse environments, sectors, and industries across Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America, he has provided executive protection, private/corporate investigations, intelligence gathering, tactical training, and security risk management; his clientele includes governments, multinational corporations, oil and gas companies, mining sector, celebrities, non-governmental organizations, media, and high-net-worth individuals.

Well-versed in delivering unarmed combat, close protection, intelligence, and tactical firearm training; a holder of numerous qualifications and awards—testifying his excellent services and professional competency in the private security industry. He has a forward-thinking mindset and is a result-driven and adroit at the diverse areas of risk management that enables him to fulfill his customers' needs completely.

R.Z. established Nemesis Protection Global LLC in 2018—responding to the growing need for a credible, competent, and sophisticated organization to meet individual security needs in complex situations and challenging environments worldwide; he has been in the roles as Managing Director, Security Consultant, and Instructor since then. He is a life-long learner, humanitarian, a fitness aficionado, and passionate about the security industry. 


Security Consultant, US & Mexico

I.P. is an experienced security consultant and our representative in California, US; he has extensive experience in providing executive protection—specialized in protecting famous personalities, corporate executives, and high-net-worth individuals. He has ensured the personal security of many clients operating in Mexico and is a great asset to the growing Nemesis Protection team; his experience and broad network enable us to meet our customers' needs in California and Mexico professionally.


Security Consultant, Serbia & Balkan

G.N. is a vastly experienced and highly skilled protective specialist proven in clandestine operations including covert protection, anti-surveillance, counter-surveillance, and protective intelligence. He is a former intelligence officer with years of the field-experience in both the government and private sectors; at the moment, he's serving as our Security Consultant in Serbia and the Balkan region—adding his local knowledge and specialist competence to our growing team.


Security Consultant, Spain

E.P.D. had been serving in the Spanish Army Special Forces (GOES) and Mountain Troops for six years; he was a sniper, reconnaissance, and a mountain warfare instructor, conducted recon and anti-ambush assignments in austere and hostile environments including extreme-cold climates. He is specialized in survival (SERE), communication, paratrooper, combat medic, heavy artillery, explosives, unconventional and mountain warfare training. E.P.D. is a holder of the brown belt in hand-to-hand combat, the Spanish Army Military Mention, climber-skier ribbon, sharpshooter ribbon, parachuter ribbon, and special forces ribbon. In the private security industry, he provides protection in hostile environments both on land and at sea; fluent in English and Spanish, he's a capable Security Consultant with Nemesis Protection and our representative in Spain.


Security Consultant, Israel

G.K. is a former member of the French Foreign Legion and the Ukrainian Navy; he is a holder of a Master's degree in the National Security Studies from the prestigious Haifa University in Israel. G.K. is experienced in leading maritime security teams in the High-risk Areas (HRA), including East Africa, the Gulf of Aden, and the Indian Ocean, conducted close protection operations in hostile environments—including PSD, QRF (Quick Reaction Force), and convoy protection missions. Fluent in the Russian, French, and English languages, with basic proficiency in Dari and Hebrew; he provides VIP Bodyguard Services in Israel. Professionalism to a tee, G.K. represents our company in Israel and is a real asset to the growing Nemesis Protection team.


Security Consultant, Sub-Saharan Africa

J.L. is a specialist in providing crisis management, disaster response, and emergency services. He has vast experience in the commercial and government sectors, including the French Foreign Legion, SWAT Medic, and Close Protection; he is our highly capable security consultant in Sub-Saharan Africa and a member of the rescue task force for the Sahel region and West Africa.


Security Consultant, Asia-Pacific

A.J. represents our company in the Asia-Pacific region—contributing to our team with his extensive operational experience gained from the government and private security sectors; he had been working as a diplomatic protection officer for over 10 years, protecting top-ranked politicians and government officials. In the commercial close protection industry, he has been working for over 8 years, ensuring the protection of high-profile clients across Asia.


Security Consultant, Caribbean & Latin America

D.C. is our company's representative in the Caribbean and Latin America and a former police officer and member of the SWAT, Hostage Rescue, and Tactical Response Teams. He has the local knowledge and experience in conducting high threat protection operations, protecting a wide range of top-ranked clients.


Security Consultant, the Middle East

A.M. is a former infantry sergeant with over 15 years of experience and three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Following the military career, he has made a successful transition to the civilian sector, working as a PSD Team Leader, Site Security Manager, and Ops Manager in Iraq and Afghanistan. With expert knowledge and first-hand experience in the Middle East, A.M. is our security consultant for this region.

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