Executive Protection Services in Papua New Guinea

Updated: Jul 1

For those who are traveling to Papua New Guinea, we have designed comprehensive and optimal solutions to mitigate the risk of threats associated with PNG.

Quick Facts About Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea – an island country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean – is a real jewel in terms of #business opportunities. The country has a developing economy, the sixth-fastest-growing economy in the world in 2011, waiting for its full zeal. #PNG is richly endowed in natural resources, including #oil, #gas, #copper, and #gold, attracting foreign interest. Also, the #construction sector is about to expand since the country receives lots of investments but still has limited infrastructure. The government has recently signed a lucrative contract with #ExxonMobil for an Oil and Gas project, and several more projects are in negotiations with other petroleum giants. Also, many South African and Australian #mining companies operate in PNG, extracting rare #minerals.

Aside from considerable natural resources, #PapuaNewGuinea also has a big #tourist potential. It is a remote destination with stunning nature and beautiful scenery. PNG is the world's least explored country, both culturally and geographically. Moreover, the country is one of the most rural and one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. The nation is home to over eight hundred different languages, and it's ideal for tourists looking for #trekking in remote mountain ranges, searching for the elusive bird of paradise in cloud forests, or traveling off-the-grid villages to get to know some 750 tribes inhabiting the country.

Security Situation in Papua New Guinea

In case you intend to visit Papua New Guinea either for work or pleasure, you should adequately prepare for a trip to prevent threats related to traveling to this country. Having knowledge about a security situation ahead of your trip to the country is always valuable since it is usable in the planning process. Concerning the security situation in PNG, it's volatile at the moment, aggravated by violent #crime, civil unrest, health concerns, natural disasters, and the threat of #kidnapping. Violent tribal fighting may break out at any time without warning. Police presence is limited outside of the capital #PortMoresby, and police may be unable to assist due to limited resources. So, if you are in Papua New Guinea, you should exercise increased caution. Remember the following saying – "Failing to plan, you are planning to fail." Hence, we advise you to organize your journey properly and take into account contingency planning for an emergency.

Security and Intelligence Services in Papua New Guinea

As for mitigating travel and personal security risks, you can rely on Nemesis Protection for this challenging task. As a versatile security and intelligence services provider, we will reduce and contain location-specific risks by assigning effective security controls that are in line with threats. Our company has the knowledge, experience, and capacity to protect people, businesses, and assets globally. Our main goal is to ensure all-around protection by providing cost-effective, functional, and unobtrusive close protection services all the way. Check out our complete offerings at our website and get in touch at png@nemesisprotection.com to find out how our proactive approach and optimal solutions can meet your individual security needs in Papua New Guinea.

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