Bodyguard Services in Serbia

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If you are looking for professional close protection services and security assistance in Serbia, our company's solutions are tailored to your individual needs in this country.

Quick Facts About Serbia

After decades of bloody wars and devastation, #Serbia is finally a peaceful country, paving the way for #EU integration, attracting lots of foreign capital as well as a growing number of tourist visits. Located in the heart of the #WestBalkan, Serbia is a landlocked country with important and strategic geolocation, enjoying considerable economic growth, and it has become a hot spot for foreign businesspeople looking for a profitable #investment. Besides, the country has beautiful scenery, a long history with a rich culture, lots of monuments, music festivals, holiday resorts, and tasty traditional cuisine, resulting in a large number of tourist visits every year.

Security Situation in Serbia

If you intend to take a #business trip or go on #vacation to Serbia, you should adequately prepare for travel to prevent threats involved with traveling to this country. Understanding the current #security #situation in the country you are going to visit is always helpful in the planning process. In regards to the overall security situation in the country, it is stable at the moment. Hence, Serbia is labeled as a safe country for most visits. Yet, it doesn't mean that it's a threat-free environment. You should be aware of some unresolved socio-political issues in Serbia, which can impact the security situation in the country and stability in the region. The two major concerns are the burning Kosovo-question and the on-going #refugee #crisis. The former is related to persistent tensions between #Kosovo and Serbia, which can always spark a new full-scale #war. Also, there is the rise of violent #crime, #roadblocks, #demonstrations, and the gang-related and the politic-related #assassinations in the northern Serb-majority municipalities in Kosovo as well as across entire Kosovo. The latter refers to the influx of refugees attempting to get to the EU countries via Serbia, impacting on the country's safety because the crime rate has increased since the #migrant crisis, especially street crime, #burglaries, #hijacking, and #robberies.

So, while in Serbia, you should exercise increased caution in larger cities since a substantial portion of organized crime and violence linked to a #mob. Street crime, including armed robberies and hijacking, is common and can occur in all areas at any time. Foreigners are potential victims of street crime since the criminals assume that foreigners carry a large sum of money. Also, likely targets for hijacking are luxury vehicles, and burglars often attack high-end residencies. Remember the saying – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Thus, you should organize your journey and develop a contingency plan for emergencies.

Security and Intelligence Services in Serbia

In the context of minimizing travel and personal security risks, Nemesis Protection is well-versed in leading these efforts. That is, as a top-tier security and intelligence company, we can mitigate and contain location-specific risks by implementing security measures that are proportionate to threats. Our company has the knowledge, experience, and capacity to provide ever-expanding capabilities to protect people, businesses, and assets worldwide. Our main mission is to ensure all-around protection by providing cost-effective, functional, and unobtrusive close protection services. Check out our complete offerings at our website and get in touch at to find out how our action-based approach and innovative solutions can meet your specific security needs in Serbia.

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