Close Protection Services in Suriname

Updated: Aug 23

If you are looking for reliable close protection services and security assistance in Suriname, check out our company's offerings designed to meet your specific needs in this country.

Quick Facts About Suriname

Located on the north coast of South America, Suriname has important geolocation; it is ideal for business since the country is rich in natural resources, including bauxite, gold, kaolin, and small amounts of iron ore, platinum, copper, and nickel. Suriname is a great tourist destination. The country's population is one of the most ethnically diverse in the region—consisting of the descendants of escaped African slaves, Dutch/British colonialists, Indian, Indonesian, and Chinese indentured laborers, and indigenous Amerindians. Its warm climate and dense convergence of rivers beating with the lively rhythm of ethnic diversity make the country an ideal place for tourism. From Paramaribo—the country's Dutch-colonial capital—to the thick jungles, you will get unrivaled experience.

Security Situation in Suriname

If you are about to go on a business trip or vacation to Suriname, you should adequately prepare for travel to prevent threats connected with visiting this country. Knowing a security situation in the country you intend to visit always comes handy in the planning process. Regarding the security situation in Suriname, it is stable at the moment; however, this doesn't rule out potential travel risks. Although most country visits are trouble-free, burglary, armed robbery, and violent crime occur in Paramaribo; further, Suriname is a source, transit, and destination country for sex trafficking. Women and girls from Suriname, Guyana, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic are subjected to sex trafficking in the country; traffickers from Suriname exploit victims in the Netherlands; also, Suriname is a transshipment point for South American drugs destined for Europe via the Netherlands and Brazil. When in Suriname, you should exercise increased precautions; we advise organizing a trip properly, including the development of the contingency plan for emergencies.

Close Protection Services in Suriname

As for reducing travel and personal security risks, Nemesis Protection Global LLC is uniquely qualified to assist you in this susceptible task; as a highly regarded protective and investigative services provider, our company can minimize and contain location-specific risks by assigning optimal security measures commensurate with threats. We have the knowledge, experience, and capacity to provide ever-expanding capabilities to protect people, businesses, and assets worldwide. Our main mission is to ensure all-around protection by providing cost-effective, functional, and unobtrusive close protection services. Check out our complete offerings at our website and get in touch at to find out how our proactive and integrated approach and highly skilled personal protection specialists can meet your individual security needs in Suriname.

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