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Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Coronavirus is declared as a global health crisis impacting many people and businesses worldwide. Find out the latest updates on COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Coronavirus and Travel

When the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the global pandemic over coronavirus, governments around the world have imposed drastic measures and revised their entry policies. Below are travel restrictions in place worldwide.

Coronavirus is a severe global crisis that will leave far-reaching consequences. Nemesis Protection Global LLC understands that the crisis has occurred suddenly and caught many people and businesses off guard. In case you are stuck abroad and require help, our company is uniquely qualified to assist you. We continue to provide international risk management services in the midst of the crisis; we have assets on the ground in crisis-hit areas worldwide. Nemesis Protection Global LLC adheres to health procedures and best practices, preventing virus spread, and protecting our clients, personnel, and others. For your specific security needs, get in touch with us at contact@nemesisprotection.com.

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