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Updated: Apr 1

Hiring a bodyguard in New York City has never been easier—with Nemesis Protection Global's expeditious bodyguard services, you can book a personal bodyguard at short notice. Read more in the following article.

New York City Bodyguard Services

With growing instability and insecurity in the modern world, personal safety is a significant concern for affluent families, corporations, governments, business people, and celebrities. New York City is maybe not Baghdad or Kabul, but it still carries a certain degree of risks to the security of a VIP.

Close protection (executive protection, VIP security) is a proven method employed by protective specialists to mitigate imminent threats and possible dangers, such as reputation infringement, harassment, stalking, opportunity crime, extortion, blackmailing, kidnapping, robbery, and terrorism, facing their clients.

Bodyguard services NYC includes a wide range of protective services to ensure and maintain a secure environment for a protectee (VIP, Principal), like armed/unarmed security escort, secure executive transportation, travel risk management, counter-surveillance, technical surveillance countermeasures, threat analysis, covert protection, residential security, and event security.

Who are bodyguards?

Professional bodyguards (close protection officers, executive protection agents) are highly skilled specialists to provide personal security to designated persons and their life, lifestyle, well-being, information, reputation, family, business, and property. They can work armed or unarmed, solo or in a team, and covertly or overtly, depending on clients' needs, environment, risk level, and threat type.

Personal security guards can be male or female, determined by a situation [customs, VIP's request]. An executive protection bodyguard's physical size, appearance, and sex are unrelated to its capabilities, which means larger bodyguards or male close protection operatives aren't more or less effective than their counterparts. The set of skills measures the quality of executive protection agents.

How much does a bodyguard cost in New York?

Although having a bodyguard represents a status symbol [a privilege of the elite], the main point of having a private bodyguard is the necessity [precaution, deterrence, a duty of care]. Whatever the reason, the costs of the bodyguard service in New York depend on several factors—risks, operational requirements, task duration, and protective specialists' skills and number. Pricing ranges from $25 to $100 per hour. Whether you encounter credible threats or need peace of mind, a capable executive protection service can meet your needs.

How to hire a personal bodyguard in New York?

Having a close protection detail doesn't automatically imply that you are entirely safe. Hiring amateurs will cause unnecessary risks and costs. They will rip you off, give you a false sense of security, and assign ineffective measures putting you in greater jeopardy. There are countless examples of amateurish bodyguards exposing the private affairs of their clients. Inept executive protection services are a liability to your privacy and safety.

Professionals apply advanced and sophisticated risk management techniques to keep VIPs out of harm's way, like risk analysis, threat assessment, tactical intelligence, reconnaissance, open-source intelligence, anti-surveillance, surveillance detection, and protective surveillance. Protective specialists, aside from having professional competence [technical savvy, martial arts, defensive driving, tactical shooting, risk management, emergency medicine], have great people skills [loyalty, reliability, morality, ethics, discretion] and are mentally tough and physically fit.

Nemesis Protection Global has been a world-renowned executive protection agency, delivering first-rate personal protection services worldwide to government and corporate VIPs. Our close protection company offers highly trained ex-military bodyguards to take care of at-risk, high-ranking, and high-net-worth individuals in all international threat environments.

All you need to do is reach us at contact@nemesisprotection.com or +1-929-594-9730, and our 24/7 operational center will provide you with a non-obligatory, free quotation and a best-laid plan. We can assign a close protection operative or team, deploying a personal security detail on demand within a half-hour.

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