Hiring the professional close protection service

Updated: Jul 1

If you are considering hiring professional bodyguard services for personal security and safety of business and assets, you should check out the following in-depth article designed to help you in selecting the right close protection services provider.

Regardless of your needs for personal security services (aka close protection, executive protection, and bodyguard services), choosing the right provider of close protection can be a challenging task for those who are not familiar with the subject. Therefore, we have created this piece of writing to shed some light on the close protection and enable you to select the service provider that best suits your individual security needs.

What is Close Protection?

Modern close protection is a type of security service provided for threat mitigation of individuals exposed to the elevated security risk due to their employment, high-profile status, wealth, associations, geographical location, or any other reason that would make them vulnerable and the target of a physical assault, harm, or kidnapping. Providing close protection professionally is not about passively waiting for negative events to occur, then reacting to them in a Chuck Norris style. Contrary, protection specialists apply an action-oriented approach to providing close protection – proactively identifying, assessing, and mitigating threats to prevent them before they eventuate and to handle incidents carefully and appropriately if/when they happen (i.e., applying controlled violent actions immediately).

Close protection procedures embrace a range of state-of-the-art tools and advanced and sophisticated techniques, including ongoing threat assessment, risk analysis, contingency planning, intelligence gathering and analysis, reconnaissance, protective intelligence, anti-surveillance, and counter-surveillance to protect every type of clients and their most valuable assets (e.g., life, wellbeing, property, family, information, affairs, finance, operations, identity, privacy, reputation) professionally and efficiently.

"Professionally providing close protection is all about being proactive rather than being reactive."

Why Close Protection?

Emerging markets, modern technologies, and globalization have exposed many people and entities (e.g., multinational corporations, international non-governmental organizations, media, celebrities, diplomats, high-net-worth families, and alike) to new threats against personal safety and security. In light of this, all kinds of threats, whether against personnel, business operations, or facilities, or involving real or perceived dangers, need to be properly identified, assessed, and mitigated. Otherwise, neglected security risks could result in negative events such as abduction, hijacking, robbery, injury, illness, reputation damage, financial loss, project failure, or even death.

"Modern close protection isn't just about protecting clients from physical harm only. It entails a range of measures meeting all security and safety needs of clients by protecting their most valuable assets against existing, emerging, direct, indirect, real, perceived, conventional, and unconventional threats."

Although the bodyguard service might sound way too much Hollywood, there is a growing number of clients interested in hiring executive protection nowadays. The reasons for close protection services are many and varied, such as compliance, prevention, luxury, and necessity. For example, you may face some non-specific threats due to your high-profile status or unsafe environment/situation (e.g., traveling to high-risk regions), hence you are vulnerable to indirect threats such as opportunistic crime (e.g., robbery and kidnapping). Likewise, you may be under the risk of a direct threat (blackmailing, death threatening, and extortion, etc.) carried out by various threat actors such as criminals, terrorists, and other persons and entities who intend to compromise your safety and security. Whatever the cause/motive for addressing close protection is, when it comes to personal security, you can never be too careful. The security risk can never be completely eliminated, but with the professional bodyguard service, it can be reduced to an acceptable level and contained.

"Specific threats and a general sense of anxiety are causing more people to seek close protection services."

Personal security has become one of the most critical factors governing everyday life. In this regard, security needs – in their many forms – continue to be ranked as one of the most significant human needs concerning governments, corporations, and private individuals worldwide. Only people in high-class society and government sectors used to have a bodyguard. However, in modern times (e.g., growth of the private sector, the rapid advance of technologies, globalization start, the rise of crime and terrorism, and the increase of people's intolerance on risks), executive protection is now widespread service among others (middle-class individuals, small-to-medium enterprises, etc.).

"Clients include celebrities, CEOs, media, NGOs, HNWIs, diplomats, and at-risk individuals."

Clientele using the bodyguard service is diverse, facing different kinds of threats. For instance, famous people hire our company to protect them from hysterical crowds/fans or to preserve their privacy from paparazzi. Multinational corporations employ our CP services to mitigate travel-specific risks to their corporate executives – e.g. if traveling to hostile environments acting in compliance with insurance policy. At-risk individuals engage our protection specialists to reduce the risk of violent threats such as kidnapping, extortion, and blackmailing. Clients also vary in age and sex, and our company has protected people of all ages, ranging from youngsters to elders, both males, and females. Regardless of your profile, risk level, and threat type, the close protection service is a proven method for effective personal security. However, not all providers of executive protection services are the same, and you should be aware of the amateurs in this industry.

Professional Vs. Amateur Close Protection

Alike any other industry, close protection doesn't rule out amateurism. Opposite to a common belief, professionals providing close protection (aka Close Protection Officers/Operatives, Executive Protection Agents/Specialists, Protective/Private/Personal Security Detail, and Bodyguards) aren't brainless bullet catchers who rely heavily on weapons, muscles, martial arts, and reactive approach. Unquestionably, every professional bodyguard has an extremely high level of all-round fitness (aka functional strength), armed and unarmed combat skills, and is well-trained in all relevant disciplines (e.g., evasive driving, surveillance, intelligence gathering, tactical emergency casualty care, etc.). However, aside from having the professional know-how, the main tools of every protection specialist should be common sense, people skills, intelligence, mindset, and action-oriented approach, among other things.

"Professional bodyguards aren't all brawn and no brains. Both intelligence and physical fitness are needed in close protection."

Ergo, before hiring a provider of close protection services, you should understand that providing close protection is a susceptible process that if not conducted appropriately, can go awry, which will put all involved at heightened risk. Unfortunately, there are too many amateur bodyguards nowadays, who are making fundamental mistakes that can be costly and fatal. These glaring errors might not be visible to you as a client, but you should be aware of that to be able to recognize and notice the bad practice and amateurism. This insight will ultimately save your time and money, and preserve your security and safety of your business and assets.

"Knowing the difference between professionals and amateurs providing close protection will enable you to save time, money, and ensure better protection for yourself."

Briefly, the main difference between amateurs and professionals is in their methods. Professionals have developed and acquired modus operandi focusing on sustainability, reliability, and compliance, among others. Contrary, amateurs rely on bad practice ignoring all above mentioned at least. So, you should consider the following when hiring executive protection.

Experience matters

Undoubtedly, your first pick should be companies and individuals with a proven track record in the industry. Bear in mind that professionals are highly trained, intelligent individuals, excellent communicators, possessing a high level of physical fitness, reassuring demeanor, can-do attitude, an eye for detail, and distinctive personal attributes such as integrity, honesty, loyalty, moral, ethics, and strong character. It takes years to become a pro, involving commitment, dedication, and undergoing a wide range of specialist training. The vast majority of protection specialists are former soldiers and police officers. However, regardless of one's experience and background, don't take anything for granted.

Do your due diligence

Although the experience matters, you shouldn't assume that someone's background unquestionably makes them better bodyguards from others. It is not important what the one has done or been able to do before if s/he cannot maintain the quality of services right now. For your protection, it's crucial what the one can do at this very moment. Therefore, to stay at the top of a game, professional companies invest in their staff's training and assess their personnel constantly, while professional operators invest in their continual professional development (i.e., acquiring and enhancing their skill set). Being a professional is a never-ending learning process. So, do your due diligence and question and check everything.

Professional close protection isn't cheap

When it comes to the pricing of close protection services, it is quite understandable that you are looking for cost savings. However, don't confuse the cost-effectiveness with cheap services. Have in mind that well-planned operations demand lots of resources such as first-class close protection operatives, cutting-edge technology, and sophisticated tools, which is costly but cost-effective (i.e., best value for the money). So, be realistic, high quality is not cheap! Buy cheap, buy twice.

Be aware of bad practices

You should be conscious of so-called professional companies that employ a bad practice in close protection operations. This includes privacy breach, poor performance, and lack of adequate planning and preparation. Further, they assign security measures that are either inefficient, redundant, worthless, or overburdened. Another example of bad practices is the engagement of unfit personnel (aka hiring unskilled individuals who are not properly vetted nor trained). The reason for this way of doing is that they choose profit over quality – they hire cheap staff to cut operational costs and increase their financial gain. That is to say, amateurs will waste your time and money and provide you with a false sense of security and the security measures that are often too intrusive, meddling in your business and personal affairs.

Privacy matters

Many security companies and bodyguards share info publicly about their clientele and completed/ongoing tasks for the sake of marketing. For example, they post photos of satisfied customers or pictures of team members involved in a task, and that way they ignore and neglect potential risks. In some cases, it is done with clients' approval. However, naturally, clients might not be aware of the consequences associated with sharing sensitive information on Social Media and the Internet. Namely, Social Media is instant information, and it's a challenge for every professional bodyguard since information become public very quickly. Social Media isn't just a challenge revealing someone's whereabouts and activity; it's also a new pathway for threats. In addition to this, there have been many examples of bodyguards exposing private matters about former/current clients publically. Needless to say, how all of these look unprofessional, unethical, egocentric, but even worse, it's completely unsafe and harming both for Principals and operatives.

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."

Features and benefits of hiring professionals

Having all of the above-mentioned on the mind, it suggests that a professional provider of close protection services must be extremely capable, well-versed, and resourceful. Whether it be a company or individual responsible for your security and safety of your business and assets, they must be able to apply a range of specific aspects, professional approaches, and proven methods to identify threats timely and contain and mitigate risks effectively. Therefore, you should narrow down your search to professional companies that can provide adequate security measures, highly-skilled personnel, following current best practices, and adopting a responsible manner when providing close protection.

"Nemesis Protection is proven in producing optimal close protection solutions worldwide, focussing on our clients and their security needs while assigning security measures that are in line with threats."

With regard to professional close protection, Nemesis Protection is a leading global provider of risk management, security, training, crisis response, intelligence, and operational support services for governments, corporations, and private individuals. We will meet your specific security needs by applying our very modus operandi based on the following features.

  • Dedication – we plan every task thoroughly and prepare for each operation rigorously, leaving nothing to chance.

  • Consistency – our protection specialists employ the proactive and problem-solving approach to conducting close protection and apply well-tried techniques to produce resilient and robust solutions for you, achieving a strong coherence in our work.

  • Confidentiality – all current and former operations are and remain highly confidential, respecting your privacy and affairs completely, ensuring your ongoing protection and post-task security.

  • Quality & Continuity – although all our security personnel is carefully selected, thoroughly vetted, highly trained, extensively experienced, and reliable protection specialists, they are continuously assessed to keep on the right track of producing high-quality outcomes. Also, we reassess every taken action to ensure a more secure environment for you.

  • Integrity – our company always strives to deliver all-embracing services. So, we provide all aspects of close protection and operational support services to meet all your security needs fully.

With Nemesis Protection, clients exactly know what to expect – professionalism, high quality, and exceptional results. Our company is a pioneer in providing security and intelligence services and has adopted a subtle approach to providing close protection. Namely, our security experts provide a specialist method of close protection – Covert Protection or Protective Surveillance – that is inconspicuous protection involving clandestine tactics (e.g., low-profile driving, low-key foot formations, concealed equipment, covert communication, and protection specialists who blend into the operational environment as much as possible). Our main mission is to ensure you all-around protection that is cost-effective, functional, and unobtrusive all the way.

The bottom line, close protection can help ensure personal security. However, amateur bodyguards can put you at higher security and financial risks. Thus, when hiring close protection services, choose meticulously, and always aim at proven and trusted companies. Also, make sure to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the chosen provider. Personal security isn't something that should be taken for granted. Get in touch with Nemesis Protection at contact@nemesisprotection.com to avoid the risk of failure and find out how our protection specialists can mitigate existing and emerging threats to you, your business, and assets professionally.

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