Hiring the professional close protection service

Updated: Sep 8

If you are looking for professional bodyguard services for personal security and protection of your business and assets, check out the following, in-depth article designed to help you in selecting the right close protection service provider.

Regardless of your needs for personal security services (aka close protection, executive protection, and bodyguard services), choosing the right provider of personal protection can be a challenging task for those unfamiliar with the subject; therefore, we have created this piece of writing to shed some light on the close protection industry, enabling you to select a close protection company that best suits your individual security needs.

What is Close Protection?

Close protection is a type of protective service for threat mitigation of individuals exposed to the elevated security risk because of their employment, high-profile status, wealth, associations, geographical location, or any other reason that would make them vulnerable and the target of a physical assault, harm, or kidnapping. However, close protection does not only concern physical safety—like protection against physical threats such as armed robbery, ambush, and hijacking—it also concerns personal, emotional, and financial security, health, and well-being, and safety needs against accidents and diseases and their negative effects. In sum, close protection is a comprehensive and interconnected security system.

Professionally providing close protection is not about passively waiting for negative events to occur and overreacting (a Chuck Norris style). Contrary, personal protection specialists apply an action-oriented and holistic approach to providing close protection; namely, they proactively identify, assess, and reduce threats to prevent them before they eventuate; also, they integrate different techniques, tactics, and procedures to achieve this primary objective, such as threat assessment, risk analysis, reconnaissance, counter-surveillance, and intelligence gathering/analysis. Anyway, if/when an incident occurs, personal security specialists handle it carefully and appropriately—doing what is necessary (e.g., applying controlled violent actions and evacuating a client from danger as soon as possible).

"Professionally providing close protection is all about being proactive rather than being reactive."

As already stated, close protection exceeds protection against physical threats only; it is more than providing personal escort and securing clients from point A to point B; it involves safeguarding a wide range of a client's assets, which—aside from life—contain well-being, reputation, information, property, operations, and finance, etc. Preventing security threats demands fully integrated and all-inclusive solutions. Therefore, close protection embodies a broad array of security systems such as static security (like protection at a venue/event, residence, building, office/workspace, and yacht), mobile security (e.g., protection on foot/vehicle and secure transportation/security driving), cybersecurity, investigations (private/corporate), technical security (CCTV, TSCM), and surveillance (foot, mobile, static, technical, and aerial surveillance).

Why Close Protection?

Security is one of the most fundamental human needs; there are five kinds of human needs (Abraham Maslow); one of them is safety needs that come second in the hierarchy of importance for living. In the absence of security, people may experience post-traumatic stress disorder/trauma. Security and safety needs include personal, emotional, and financial security, health, and well-being, and safety needs against accidents/diseases and their negative impacts.

According to Pitermand, we live in a precautionary culture. The way people deal with unsafety, threats, and loss has changed with advances and transformations in modern-day life. Emerging markets, modern technologies, globalization, and current global security challenges (e.g., terrorism, organized crime, and cybercrime) impact trade, people, and organizations, exposing them to new threats against personal safety and security. Nowadays, people are less willing to accept exposure to risk, threats, and loss. People want to live in a safe and predictable environment (i.e., a risk-intolerant society); hence, when activity increases threats to human safety, we take precautionary measures such as close protection to minimize threats and reduce risks to an acceptable level.

Who needs Close Protection?

Many organizations, governments, and high-ranking individuals hire personal protection specialists to protect and secure their assets; hence, there has been a huge growth in the close protection industry over the last 20 years. The reasons for close protection services are many and varied, such as compliance, prevention, luxury, and necessity. For example, you may face some non-specific dangers because of your high-profile status or unsafe environment (e.g., traveling to a high-risk region), which make you vulnerable to an indirect threat such as opportunistic crime—like robbery and kidnapping; likewise, you may be under the risk of direct threats—like blackmailing, death threatening, and extortion—which are carried out by various threat actors (i.e., criminals, terrorists, and other persons/entities intending to compromise your safety/security). Whatever the cause/motive for addressing close protection is—as for personal security—you can never be too careful. The security risk can never be completely eliminated; however, with the professional protective service, it can be reduced to an acceptable level and contained.

"Specific threats and a general sense of anxiety are causing more people to seek close protection services."

Personal security has become one of the most critical factors governing everyday life; security needs—in their many forms—continue to be ranked as one of the most significant human needs concerning governments, corporations, and private individuals worldwide.

"Clients include celebrities, CEOs, media, NGOs, HNWIs, diplomats, and at-risk individuals."

Clientele using the service of personal protection specialists is diverse, facing different threats; for instance, celebrities address our company to protect them from hysterical crowds/fans and to preserve their privacy from paparazzi. Multinational corporations employ our protective services to mitigate travel-specific risks to their corporate executives—e.g. when traveling to hostile environments—acting in compliance with insurance policy. At-risk individuals use our personal security specialists to reduce the risk of violent threats like kidnapping, robbery, and blackmailing. Clients also vary in age and sex; our company has protected people of all ages—ranging from youngsters to elders; both males and females. Regardless of your profile, risk level, and threat type, the close protection service is a proven method for effective personal security and protection of business/assets; however, not all providers of close protection services are the same; you should be aware of the amateurs in this industry.

Professional Vs. Amateur Close Protection

Alike any other industry, close protection doesn't rule out amateurism. Opposite to a common belief, professionals providing close protection (aka Close Protection Operatives, Executive Protection Agents, Personal Protection Specialists, and Bodyguards) aren't brainless bullet catchers relying heavily on weapons, muscles, martial arts, and reactive approach only. Unquestionably, every professional bodyguard has an extremely high level of all-round fitness (functional strength), armed/unarmed combat skills, and competence in all relevant disciplines (like evasive driving, surveillance, intelligence gathering, and tactical emergency casualty care); however, aside from having the professional know-how, the primary tools of every personal security specialist are common sense, people skills, intelligence, mindset, and action-oriented approach. Professional protective specialists are usually former military/police members, and many of them are well-educated (e.g., possessing a university degree in a security-related discipline or having professional certifications that are equivalent to the academic qualification).

"Professional bodyguards aren't all brawn and no brains; both intelligence and physical fitness are needed in close protection."

Before hiring a provider of close protection services, you should understand that providing personal protection is a susceptible process that—if not conducted appropriately—can go awry, which will put all involved at heightened risk. Unfortunately, there are too many amateur bodyguards nowadays; they make fundamental mistakes that can be costly and fatal; these glaring errors might not be visible to you as a client, but you should know that to recognize/notice the bad practice and amateurism; this insight will ultimately save your time/money and preserve your security/safety.

"Knowing the difference between professionals and amateurs providing close protection will enable you to save time, money, and ensure reliable protection for yourself."

The major difference between amateurs and professionals is in their methods; professionals have developed and acquired a modus operandi focusing on sustainability, reliability, and compliance; contrary, amateurs rely on poor practice, ignoring all above mentioned at least. Consider the following when hiring close protection.

Experience matters

Undoubtedly, your first pick should be companies/individuals with a proven track record in the industry. Bear in mind that professionals are highly trained, intelligent individuals, excellent communicators, possessing a high level of physical fitness, reassuring demeanor, can-do attitude, an eye for detail, and distinctive personal attributes such as integrity, honesty, loyalty, moral, ethics, and strong character; it takes years to become a pro, involving commitment, dedication, and a wide range of specialist training. As already stated, the vast majority of personal protection specialists are former soldiers/police officers; however, regardless of one's experience/background, don't take anything for granted.

Do your due diligence

Although the experience matters, don't assume that someone's background unquestionably makes them better bodyguards from others; it is not important what the one has done or was able to do before if s/he cannot maintain the quality of services right now. For your protection, it's crucial what the one can do at this very moment. For staying at the top of a game, professional companies invest in their staff's training and assess their personnel constantly; while professional bodyguards invest in their continual professional development—being a professional is a never-ending learning process. Do your due diligence and question/check everything.

Professional close protection isn't cheap

As for the pricing of close protection services, it is quite understandable that you are looking for cost savings; however, don't confuse the cost-effectiveness with cheap services. Have in mind that well-planned operations demand lots of resources such as first-class close protection specialists, cutting-edge technology, and sophisticated tools, which is costly but cost-effective—best value for the money. So, be realistic; high quality is not cheap! Buy cheap, buy twice.

Be aware of bad practices

You should be conscious of so-called professional companies that employ a poor practice in protective operations; this includes privacy breach, poor performance, and lack of adequate planning/preparation; further, they assign security measures that are either inefficient, redundant, worthless, or overburdened. Another example of bad practices is the engagement of unfit personnel (e.g., inexperienced staff that are not properly vetted nor trained); the reason for this way of doing is that they choose profit over quality—they hire cheap staff to cut operational costs and increase their financial gain. Amateurs will waste your time and money and provide you with a false sense of security and too intrusive protection—meddling in your business and personal affairs.

Privacy matters

Many security companies and bodyguards share info publicly about their clientele and completed/ongoing tasks for the sake of marketing; for example, they post photos of satisfied customers or pictures of team members involved in a task; this way they ignore/neglect potential risks; sometimes, it is done with clients' consent; however, clients might not be aware of the consequences associated with sharing sensitive information on Social Media and the Internet. Namely, Social Media is instant information; it's a challenge for every professional bodyguard because information becomes public very quickly. Social Media isn't just a challenge revealing someone's whereabouts and activity; it's also a new pathway for threats. There have been many examples of bodyguards exposing private matters about former/current clients publicly; all of these seem unprofessional, unethical, egocentric—but even worse—it's completely unsafe and harming both for Principals and operatives.

"If you think it is expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."

Features and benefits of hiring professionals

Professional provider of close protection services must be extremely capable, well-versed, and resourceful. Whether it be a company or individual responsible for your personal security, they must be able to apply a range of specific aspects, professional approaches, and proven methods to identify threats timely and contain/mitigate risks effectively. Narrow down your search to professional companies that can implement adequate protective measures, provide highly skilled personnel, follow current best practices, and adopt a responsible manner when providing close protection.

"Nemesis Protection Global LLC is proven in producing comprehensive risk management solutions worldwide, focussing on our clients and their security needs while assigning protective measures that are in line with threats."

As for professional close protection, Nemesis Protection Global LLC is a leading global provider of risk management, protective, training, crisis response, intelligence, operational support, and investigative services for governments, enterprises, and private individuals. We will meet your specific security needs by applying our unique modus operandi based on the security through obscurity approach; this means that our operations are confidential and discreet, relying on clandestine tactics—enabling better operational efficiency, inconspicuous protection, and a greater deal of personal security for all included in operations. The benefits of working with us are as follows.

  • Reliability: we plan every task thoroughly and prepare for each operation rigorously, leaving nothing to chance;

  • Proactivity: our personal protection specialists proactively identify/assess existing/emerging threats to you/your assets and assign protective measures commensurate with threats—preventing negative events before happening;

  • Expertise: our protective teams employ integrated protection, combining all aspects of close protection—such as overt and covert protection—to assure maximum operational efficiency;

  • Consistency: our company applies well-tried techniques to produce resilient and robust solutions for you, achieving a strong coherence in our work;

  • Confidentiality: all current/former operations are/remain highly confidential, respecting your privacy and affairs completely, ensuring your ongoing protection and post-task security;

  • Quality & Continuity: even though all our personal security specialists are carefully selected, thoroughly vetted, highly trained, extensively experienced, and reliable, they are continuously assessed to keep on the right track of producing high-quality outcomes; also, we reassess every taken action to ensure a more secure environment for you.

With Nemesis Protection Global LLC, clients exactly know what to expect: professionalism, high quality, and exceptional results. Our company is a pioneer in delivering protective and investigative services; our main mission is to ensure you all-around protection that is cost-effective, functional, and unobtrusive all the way.

In conclusion

The bottom line, close protection can help ensure personal security; however, amateur bodyguards can put you at higher security and financial risks; also, amateurs can tarnish your reputation and cause you legal issues. When hiring close protection services, choose meticulously, and aim at proven/trusted companies; make sure to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the chosen provider. Personal security isn't something that should be taken for granted. Get in touch with Nemesis Protection Global LLC at contact@nemesisprotection.com for a free consultation. Reach us to find out how our personal protection specialists can mitigate all threats to you, your business, and assets professionally.

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