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Expert training for private sector organizations and individuals: Leadership, Management, Technology, Investigations, Medicine, Weapons, and Tactics

Civilian Tactical Training Programs

Our training center provides premium, comprehensive, and bespoke training worldwide. Our civilian tactical training has been developed through years of hands-on experience and field operations across the world. Programs and strategies are realistic, current, client-based, customizable, and tailored to the operational environment. Techniques are tested on the field, readily-applicable, and effective. Each course can be delivered to your location and provided for entry-level personnel up to more experienced operators. Although we have set up the duration and syllabus of each course, it can be negotiated and tailored based on your requirements. To learn more about Civilian Tactical Training, get in touch with us to request a quote.

Advanced Close Protection Course

This extensive close protection course will provide you with the professional competence required for operating in all threat environments as a highly-skilled bodyguard.

Executive Protection Course

This intensive executive protection training will enable you to achieve the required level of competence to start a career in the international close protection industry.

HECPO Course

The Hostile Environment Close Protection Operations course is a thorough training designed to prepare you for operating as a highly trained protection specialist in high threat environments.

Covert Protection Course

The covert protection course is designed to prepare you to conduct executive protection in subtle, low-profile, and unobtrusive mode.

Surveillance Course

This comprehensive course is designed to teach you about all types of surveillance and private and corporate investigations.

Protective Driving Course

This intensive course will equip you with tactical driving skills, enabling you to manage a vehicle in critical situations on the road and effectively respond to ambush-style attacks.

CAT Course

This unmatched Counter Assault Team training will give you the knowledge and skills within the areas of counter-ambush tactics.

PSD Leader Course

The Protective Security Detail Leader course will equip you with crisis leadership, enabling you rapid decision-making in critical moments.

Tactical Medicine Course

This dynamic course covers the essential life-saving aspects, focusing on providing tactical emergency casualty care under stress and duress in remote, austere environments.

HEAT Course

Our realistic Hostile Environment Awareness Training course is designed to prepare you on how to respond to and sustain in life-threatening situations.

Celebrity Protection Course

This bodyguard training is designed to equip you with close protection skills with an accent on the VIP protection in dynamic threat environments.

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