Private Solutions_

Nemesis Protection Global enables you to stay safe at home, work, or when traveling, producing tailored and robust security solutions that incorporate the protection of your family and assets and coverage against unexpected and unfavorable events like medical and security emergencies.

Our ex-special forces security company constantly communicates with you, offering standby security and around-the-clock assistance to ensure your safety on any occasion. Explore our offerings and get in touch for more info.


N-Guard Private_

Protecting you and your family when traveling overseas, providing timely support in the event of any trip-, medical-, and security-related incidents.


VIP Security_

Ex-special forces bodyguards keep VIPs out of harm's way locally and internationally.



VIP Transportation_

Security drivers provide safe, timely, discreet, luxurious, and pleasant transport to the desired location globally.


N-Guard Student_

Enabling your kids to study abroad with peace of mind, delivering on-demand personal protection and emergency response.


Security Guards_

Armed/unarmed security guards maintain the security of your high-end property, events, and assets, whether at home or overseas.


Yacht Security_

Private yacht armed security guards superyacht owners, charterers, and passengers while on yachting worldwide.