Risk Advisory Services_

All threats facing you and your organization must be detected, assessed, and dealt with, whether to employees, operations, facilities, or involving known and unknown dangers. Top decision-makers should be aware of the negative impact of neglected security risks resulting in kidnapping, robbery, injury, illness, financial loss, information leak, reputation damage, project failure, or even death.

Nemesis Protection Global can help you understand and reduce actual and potential security risks associated with your profile, business, and the environment by employing a risk-based and businesslike approach. We provide accurate information, practical advice, and full support to enable your company to plan for the anticipated and unexpected risks and protect its investment and people. Our services:

  • Security audit

  • Vulnerability and threat assessments

  • Risk analysis and risk mitigation

  • Policy review and procedure development

  • Security controls planning and implementation

  • Security training

  • Threat intelligence


Threat Assessment_

  • Our security consultants help you identify, estimate, and minimize all menaces facing you and your business, taking into account imminent and potential dangers, recommending a feasible threat mitigation strategy, and creating awareness and risk management standards to prevent future security incidents.


Security Risk Management_

  • Providing security risk management consulting, designing, implementing, and supporting risk management strategies, ensuring that plans turn successfully into actions to accomplish set objectives.

  • Our global security consulting firm has extended experience advising private and public sector clients across industries ranging from oil and gas and mining to NGOs, financial institutions, and construction companies operating in complex environments.


Security Survey_

  • Evaluating existing physical security measures to ensure that all security protocols operate according to the criteria they were designed to and discover any security flaws before they are exploited.


Incident Management_

  • Performing triage on events, enabling you to resolve an incident timely to prevent it from intensifying into a widespread crisis.

  • Our ex-special forces security specialists review if all emergency procedures are activated, fine-tuning and recommending the best security practices so that you and your staff can promptly restore your facility's function.


Security Monitoring_

  • Ongoing scanning of situations for potential threats, incidents, and crises that may affect you, your business, and your assets, ensuring agile emergency response.