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Nemesis Protection Global LLC helps our clients operating across borders globally, making the world a safer place. We are specialized in every aspect of risk management, providing international protective and investigative services alongside our business partners for recognized international organizations, blue-chip companies, governments, and the world's most influential families engaged in diverse sectors and disciplines. Learn more about the industries where we operate and let us know if you would like to learn more about a specific offering.

Aviation Security Services

Commercial Aviation Security

Nemesis Protection Global LLC implements proven security measures to protect passengers, staff, and aircraft—which use airports—from accidental and malicious harm, crime, and other threats. We use advanced technologies, techniques, and methods to safeguard civil aviation against unlawful interference such as terrorism, sabotage, a danger to life and property, communication of a false threat, and bombings.

Corporate Security

Our company delivers business security services to identify and effectively mitigate—at an early stage—any developments that may threaten the resilience and continued survival of a corporation. We supply Embedded Security Managers to oversee and manage the close coordination of all functions within a company concerned with security, continuity, and safety.

Corporate Security Services
Celebrity Protection

Celebrity Protection

High-level public officials, high-profile musicians, A-list movie stars, and individuals alike are often in danger of theft, assault, kidnapping, assassination, harassment, loss of confidential information, or other criminal offenses. Nemesis Protection Global LLC offers all-embracing VIP Bodyguard Services based on a modern approach to protecting a Principal/VIP from all threats completely and discreetly.

Protection of Logistic Networks

As a leading security company, we are proficient at rendering the complete supply chain security services to reduce risk and keep a valuable cargo safe—whether the load is on a truck, in a warehouse, or at a port. We secure the cargo by employing a multi-layered approach incorporating the latest technology and fine-tuned basic practices such as extensive staff training, mobile patrol, and cargo tracking.

Transport Security Services
Hotel Securty Service

Hotel Security

Nemesis Protection Global LLC applies experience-based and proven methods for preventing and resolving the security challenges in today’s hospitality industry. We test what risks are inherent in the hospitality environment, evaluate those risks through threat and vulnerability assessments, and implement measures for reducing/eliminating them while keeping hotel customers and personnel safe.

Media Security

Attacks on journalists are often perpetrated by organized crime groups; these attacks include murder, kidnapping, harassment, and intimidation. Nemesis Protection Global LLC offers comprehensive risk management solutions designed for media organizations, enabling them to carry out their work safely in all-threat environments worldwide.

Media Security Services
NGO Protection

Protection of International NGO

In recent years, the operational environment has become increasingly dangerous to humanitarian workers; serious incidents like murders, abductions, or politically motivated attacks on NGOs are on the rise. Nemesis Protection Global LLC is a top security services provider ensuring the safety of humanitarian personnel through the provision of adequate protective measures that include close protection, convoy protection, security consulting, and crisis response.

Mining Security

Mining companies operating in complex environments are facing multiple unique and severe security issues such as heavily armed illegal miners and indigenous armed groups fighting with each other for natural resources and territory. Nemesis Protection Global LLC produces global security solutions for the mining sector—integrating physical security controls with cutting-edge technology to accommodate the individual needs of each mine and ensure its ongoing stability, support, and security.

Mining Security Services
Oil and Gas Security

Oil & Gas Security

Nemesis Protection Global LLC offers optimum risk management services for oil and gas companies, producing the most robust and resilient solutions for both onshore and offshore operations—allowing clients to accomplish the most demanding projects in harsh environments across the globe.

Supporting the Military

Our company supports foreign militaries and host nation–armed security forces through the provision of tactical training, intelligence, and operational assistance services.

Military Training Services
Diplomatic Protection Services

Supporting the Governments

Nemesis Protections Global LLC is a multi-faceted company offering training, intelligence, operational support, protective, and investigative services for governments, including diplomats, police, and intelligence agencies.

Protection of High-Net-Worth Families

Our company specializes in providing global close protection services for high-ranking individuals—ensuring your safety/security at work, at home, en route, and when relaxing and enjoying activities with your family. We understand your requirements for discretion, confidentiality, and privacy; hence, we assure you that our professional bodyguards deliver the highest standard of services to fit your specific requests.

High-Net-Worth Protection

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