Secure Transportation Services_

Road ambush, hijacking, illegal checkpoints, and vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs) are the most frequently employed techniques by criminals and terrorists, threatening world travelers and VIPs. 

Nemesis Protection Global is fully qualified to deliver secure transportation services for high-risk, high-net-worth, and high-ranking individuals and visitors to the world's trouble spots. Our multidimensional approach to providing security driving services integrates advanced technologies, threat intelligence, and sophisticated tactics to ensure that you quickly, enjoyably, and safely get to the desired destination. 

Our executive transportation services include:

  • Special forces executive protection drivers

  • Pre-departure planning and risk assessments

  • Private jet charter flights

  • VIP transportation

  • Travel alerts and security intelligence

  • Incident response teams and standby security

  • Armed mobile escorts and convoy protection

  • Airport facilitation and shuttle

  • Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM)

  • Anti-hijacking, anti-kidnapping, and anti-surveillance advice, measures, and training

  • Medical evacuation and security extraction

  • K&R insurance, prevention, and response

  • Vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices detection and prevention

  • Around-the-clock emergency travel support


Personal Security Driver_

  • Our close protection drivers [medically and security trained] transport clients safely and comfortably, ensuring personal safety and the protection of valuable assets.

  • Providing armored or soft-skinned vehicles [sedans, luxury cars, and SUVs] and low-profile [not attracting undue attention] or high-profile driving [motorcade].

  • Route and venue reconnaissance and security advance teams analyze and select the safest routes to avoid heavy congestion and poorly maintained roads and prevent menaces of road ambush, carjacking, illegal roadblocks, VBIEDs, and other threats.

  • Rendering additional services involving secure ground transport, airport transfers, travel security, VIP meet and greet, fast-track customs and immigration, executive protection, kidnapping response, and private jet flights.  


Emergency Travel Assistance_

  • Offering 24/7 critical support, including constant tracking, quick response force (QRF) to back you up in the event of an attack, and emergency response teams (ERT) to evacuate you from a crisis-hit area and assist you in an incident [e.g., disabled vehicle].


Travel Insurance_

  • Our comprehensive travel insurance covers you against menaces of kidnapping, hostage-taking, natural hazards, political risks, physical attacks, armed robberies, and other threats to personal, financial, and reputational safety.

  • Our travel risk and crisis management department provides security extraction, medical evacuation, field rescue, hostage recovery, kidnapping prevention, repatriation, and safe housing.