Global Security Services by Nemesis Protection

Global Security Services

Close Protection Services by Nemesis Protection

Close Protection

Our discreet and reliable bodyguards will ensure your personal security by providing unobtrusive, functional, and cost-effective all aspects of close protection.

Asset Protection Services by Nemesis Protection

Asset Protection

From a private residence to an industrial estate to government property, our Asset Protection Specialists are proficient at devising and implementing effective physical and technical security measures to meet your specific needs.

Transport Security Services by Nemesis Protection

Transport Security

Global trade and international transport face ever-growing threats. If you are looking for a reliable way to secure your business, staff, and valuable cargo, our Transport Security Services will enable you to mitigate threats and will take care of your mobile assets internationally.

Secure Transportation Services by Nemesis Protection

Secure Transportation

You will enjoy all-round excellence and always reach your destination safely and timely with our Secure Transportation Services involving journey management, security-trained drivers, and fit-for-purpose vehicles.