Security Solutions_

​Nemesis Protection Global offers turnkey security solutions for every type of need. We enable you a lifestyle and business without disruptions with our interdisciplinary approach, rich experience, extensive network, worldwide reach, and sophisticated technology at the heart of our private security company.

Our corporate security services are adapted to every business, situation, and location, utilizing proven security tools to protect your company, employees, and assets from inherent threats globally_

[ N-Guard Corporate / Executive Protection / Executive Transportation / Mobile Security / Static Security / Business Intelligence ]


With our private security services, you can ensure personal protection and the security of your family and property while operating and traveling the world and studying abroad_

[ N-Guard Private / N-Guard Student / VIP Security / Security Guards / VIP Transportation / Maritime Security ]


Helping those encountering complex and delicate situations that require specific and unorthodox methods for resolving_

[ Covert Protection / Clandestine Operations / Surveillance / Penetration Testing ]