Security Training_

Nemesis Protection Global security training academy delivers professional security training programs for the military, police, private military contractors, corporations, and civilians worldwide. Our experienced instructors, reality-based courses, and holistic approach to teaching always ensure premium quality. Practice as you fight!

Our professional close protection training programs are designed to answer individual, government, and corporate demands for rigorously trained executive protection agents

[ Advanced Close Protection / Advanced PSD / Advanced Surveillance / Executive Protection / High Threat Executive Protection / Covert Protection ]


We offer firearms training classes created to equip you with simple-to-implement weapon handling techniques and prepare you for real-life situations_

[ Tactical Pistol / Tactical Rifle / Combined Firearms / Close Quarters Battle / Vehicle Close Quarters Battle / Designated Defensive Marksman ]


Our tactical training courses for special purposes are devised to train you for complex and demanding operations such as reconnaissance, hostage rescue, urban warfare, and counterterrorism missions_

[ Close Quarters Combat / Hostile Environment Awareness Training / Advanced Force Protection in Hostile Environments / Anti-Kidnapping / Evasive Driving / Tactical Medicine ]