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We have a mindset for an international security solutions

"Semper Paratus."

Nemesis Protection Global LLC has a proven track record in seamlessly responding to clients' multiple and complex demands. We provide global security and risk management solutions that not only concern physical safety such as protection against physical threats; but relate to personal, emotional, and financial security, health, and well-being, and safety needs against accidents/diseases and their detrimental impact. Our company produces integrated and collaborative solutions for preventing security threats to tackle security and safety challenges. Learn more about our offerings and let us know if you would like to learn more about a specific service.

International Bodyguard Services

Security is felt, not seen.

Our discreet and reliable bodyguards will ensure your personal security by providing unobtrusive, functional, and cost-effective close protection.

International Bodyguard Services
Surveillance and Private Investigative Services

Surveillance & Private Investigative Services

Non-interfering and subtle intelligence services.

Surveillance, Intelligence, and Investigative Services will provide you with insightful and actionable intelligence on the physical, human, technical, and operational elements of risk.

Security Consulting Services

Developing a risk-based security strategy.

Our capable security consultants will work closely with you to understand your current security needs, design optimum solutions, and assist you in the implementation process.

Threat Mitigation Service
Travel Risk Management Services

Travel Risk Management Services

Protecting you from travel risks.

If you are planning overseas trips either for work or pleasure, our Travel Risk Management Solutions can help ensure your travel enjoyable and safe.

Secure Transportation Services

Your safety comes first.

You will enjoy all-around excellence and always reach your destination safely, timely, and pleasantly with our Secure Transportation Services.

Secure Transportation Services
Asset Protection Solutions

Asset Protection Services

Keeping your assets out of harm's way.

From a high-end residence to an industrial estate to government property, our Asset Protection Specialists are proficient at devising and implementing effective physical and technical security measures to address your unique demands.

Crisis Response International Services 

Dealing with unpredictable events predictably successful.

If you need disaster recovery following a natural catastrophe, the retrieval of kidnapped, an emergency extraction in a crisis, and a medical evacuation for a serious injury—our company can answer your specific requests anytime, anywhere.

Crisis Response International Services
Security and Tactical Training

Security Training

Knowledge is the only resource that is multiplied by sharing.

Nemesis Protection Global LLC is well-versed in producing custom-made and all-encompassing training solutions for the military, law enforcement, and the private sector worldwide. Our training curriculums are up-to-date to current best practices and are tailored to your organization's SOPs, Use of Force Policies, and demands.

Transport Security Services

Land, sea, air, and rail transport security.

Global trade and international transport face ever-growing threats; our Transport Security Services will protect your business, staff, and valuable cargo by minimizing sector-related risks efficiently.

Transport Security Services
Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Services

A top-down cybersecurity approach.

Our cybersecurity experts offer a range of information about security services that include mapping of high-level security strategy and readdressing unique cybersecurity incidents.

Staffing Solutions

Filling the hard-to-fill positions.

Our company supplies international organizations with qualified security and intelligence personnel. We can provide any type of professionals globally—all trained to the highest standards and current operational procedures.

Staffing Services

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