Ex-Special Forces Security Services_ 

Security Services

Security protective services have become a necessity for today's businesses and society. Whether you seek ex-military bodyguards for hire or professional corporate security services, finding a trusted security agency is challenging. However, it does not have to be that way. With Nemesis Protection Global, you can focus on essential matters and leave your security concerns with us. Rest assured that our silent professionals can complete every task entrusted to us.

Security Training


Security professional training courses play a crucial role in enhancing personal and operational security, helping individuals and organizations build the required skills to mitigate constantly developing threats. It is not easy to choose the proper security training academy in a very saturated market. A good rule of thumb is to opt for a company with first-hand experience in the security industry. With a documented track record in security operations and training, Nemesis Protection Global can fully meet your most ambitious expectations, delivering specialist security training programs focused on real life.

Security Solutions


With the growing instability in today's world, business security and personal safety are the most persistent security issues concerning government and commercial clients. Current global security challenges like terrorism, violent crime, cyber threats, and political risks impact high-profile individuals and businesses, forcing them to change their approach to avoid perils. Nemesis Protection Global has everything you need to prevent ever-evolving dangers without compromising your lifestyle and business. We design bespoke security solutions to answer your specific demands indisputably. Whether you need to comply with the duty of care requirements or seek special forces executive protection, we watch your back.