Special Projects_

Complex and delicate situations require an unconventional method to resolve, or they are doomed, compromising all involved.

Nemesis Protection Global special projects are intended to help government and commercial clients looking for practical and immediate solutions to acute problems and sensitive circumstances such as hostage-taking, kidnapping for ransom, unlawful imprisonment, extortion, blackmail, locating missing persons, and tracking down fugitives.

Our ex-special forces security company applies a discreet, layered, integrated approach to address your most demanding needs. Please have a look at our offer and get in touch for more info.


Covert Protection_

Covert executive protection services are for VIPs seeking undetected protective details to ensure personal security and safety. LEARN MORE



Providing counter-surveillance, anti-surveillance, surveillance detection, technical surveillance countermeasures, and covert surveillance. LEARN MORE


Clandestine Ops_

Covert ops are used for exceptional cases demanding a significant degree of secrecy and confidentiality like reconnaissance and hostage rescue missions.


Penetration Testing_

Our black teams apply red teaming techniques, focusing on physical aspects of security to test your incident response.