Surveillance Services_

Offensive and defensive surveillance play a crucial part in enhancing personal security, protecting information, and collecting valuable intelligence. Performing any type of surveillance activity is a delicate and susceptible process that can quickly go south if not done right.

N​emesis Protection Global is fully competent to conduct all aspects of surveillance professionally, engaging former military and police intelligence specialists adept at surveillance tradecraft to answer our private and public sector clients' demands. Would you please take a look at our offerings and get in touch for more details?


All Aspects of Surveillance_

  • Our holistic approach to providing surveillance services entails different surveillance methods to meet our customers' needs, ranging from aerial surveillance using drones and physical surveillance utilizing static, mobile, and foot surveillance techniques to technical surveillance that includes the latest technologies.


Defensive Surveillance_

  • Employing anti-surveillance measures enables you to identify threats and apply evasive and deceptive tactics to avoid dangers.

  • Our surveillance detection helps you recognize and counter hostile surveillance executed by criminals that precede violent crime and other illegal activities.

  • Debugging [bug sweeping] discovers and prevents eavesdropping devices and hidden cameras to preserve your privacy and hinder vital information loss.

  • Corporate counterespionage helps you save your organization's sensitive information and trade secrets from unauthorized access, intentional damage, or fraud.

  • Protective surveillance aids protective security detail [close protection security], enabling covert and discreet protection.


Offensive Surveillance_

  • Providing counter-surveillance on threat actors to collect more intel on criminals, capabilities, resources, motives, and other relevant information.

  • Conducting covert surveillance to gather first-hand information on targets that must not discover that they are the surveillance subject.

  • Surveillance investigations on business and marriage partners, trade deals, investments, competition, and third-party relationships produce pertinent information enabling you to avoid fraud, corruption, and money laundering.