Above and Beyond

Professional know-how

Truly top-notch

All our training programs contain less talk and more actions, providing hands-on learning all the way.

Top Quality

Only the best

Techniques that are taught in our courses are proven, field-tested, and readily-applicable, producing nothing less but the highest outcomes for our clients.

Cost-benefit Solutions

Outstanding results

Our training courses aren't certainly the cheapest ones out there. However, they are cost-effective since you get what you paid for – the first-class courses based on first-hand experience.

Tactical Training

"Virtus et Scientia."

As a proven security training academy, Nemesis Protection provides bespoke and all-embracing training solutions for the Military, Law Enforcement, and Private Individuals and Organizations worldwide. Our training programs are up-to-date to current operational procedures and are tailored to your organization's SOPs and Use of Force Policies. 

Our well-versed instructors, holistic approach, and syllabus based on realistic situations are reasons our company is established as the world's leading training supplier. We only utilize instructors with years of industry experience. We can deliver any of our listed courses to your location by sending our Mobile Training Team, or we can cater to the training curriculum specifically for your needs and requirements. 

Our company has what it takes to provide just about every type of specialist training that our customers require. With Nemesis Protection, clients exactly know what to expect – professionalism, high-quality, and exceptional results.

Private Organizations Training

Expert training for private sector organizations and individuals: Leadership, Management, Technology, Investigations, Medicine, Weapons, and Tactics

Our civilian tactical training has been developed through years of field experience across the world. Programs and strategies are realistic, current, client-based, customizable, and tailored to the operational environment. Techniques are tested on the field, readily-applicable, and effective. Each course can be delivered to your location and provided for entry-level personnel up to more experienced operators. Although we have set up the duration and syllabus of each course, it can be negotiated and tailored based on your requirements. To learn more about Civilian Tactical Training, get in touch with us to request a quote.