Travel Risk Management_

Global crises, unconventional dangers, and capable threat actors result in a growing need for sophisticated travel management services to avoid incidents and minimize unfavorable outcomes. Menaces of opportunity crime, express kidnapping, political violence, and lone-wolf terrorism are just some of the predicaments that could jeopardize you on the road, requiring a unique approach to resolving.


Nemesis Protection Global has what it takes to cope with world travelers' current security challenges, enabling high-ranking individuals and international organizations to travel and operate safely worldwide.

Our travel risk management solutions for public figures, CEOs, dignitaries, diplomats, wealthy and at-risk persons traveling to hotspots include:


Travel Security Risk Management_

  • Identifying, assessing, and addressing actual and potential travel security risks linked to clients' profiles and travel destinations.

  • Enabling government and commercial customers to protect their people, information, assets, and reputation.

  • Recommending and implementing physical, technical, and operational security measures such as travel bodyguards, secure transportation, armed high-risk escorts, standby security, and technical surveillance countermeasures.


Emergency Response & Crisis Management_

  • Assisting your organization in devising and exercising an emergency response plan for international travel. 

  • Testing emergency procedures to ensure that you and your employees develop the required level of emergency readiness for unexpected, adverse events.

  • Providing emergency support, crisis advisory, and emergency evacuation in the event of any sudden, negative situation.

  • Offering 24/7/365 critical response, monitoring your journey, and scanning the local environment for likely incidents to solve security problems proactively.


Threat Intelligence_

  • Collecting and analyzing first-hand local intelligence, producing valuable insights into the propensity for a crisis, helping you and your company understand inherent threats to plan accordingly.