Travel Security Services_

VIPs are most vulnerable during travel. Scenarios that could threaten you range from minor difficulties like pickpocketing in downtown Harare and police bribery in the Philippines to significant predicaments like illegal checkpoints in Nigeria, unlawful detention in Pakistan, and express kidnapping in Mexico.

Nemesis Protection Global has a demonstrated track record in providing private security for international travel. We can mitigate location-specific perils and prevent security incidents. Our global reach, international experience, local knowledge, and highly competent protective specialists enable private and public sector clients to travel with peace of mind and operate with confidence worldwide.

Our travel security bodyguard services include:


Global Bodyguard Service_

  • Offering discreet, qualified, experienced, reliable, and ex-military/police bodyguards who can work overtly/covertly, armed/unarmed, solo/in a team, and adjust their modus operandi to your needs and operational requirements.

  • Keeping VIPs out of harm's way in any threat environment, including low-, moderate-, and extreme-risk zones.

  • Maintaining your personal security and safety while static/mobile on any occasion [hotel, airport transfer, meeting, leisure, work].

  • Providing additional teams such as counter-ambush, counter-surveillance, reconnaissance, crisis negotiators, and security drivers. 


Travel Risk Advisory_

  • Pre-departure planning, assessing risks attached to the destination, your specific profile, and itinerary.

  • Producing detailed travel risk reports, recommending optimal travel risk management solutions.


Emergency Travel Assistance_

  • Providing complete, in-country security and emergency support.

  • Monitoring your trip 24/7 to ensure a timely incident response.

  • Continuously scanning the situation on the ground, producing valuable insights into security and safety issues.