VIP Security Services_

Public figures, prominent individuals, ultra-high-net-worth families, and their assets are under elevated security risks of threats such as extortion, kidnapping for ransom, robbery, blackmail, ransomware, intrusion into privacy, loss of information, and reputation damage.

Nemesis Protection Global is uniquely qualified to mitigate VIP-related perils by providing world-class VIP security services keeping high-profile clients and their properties safe under any circumstances. Our ex-special forces bodyguards can fully understand a dynamic threat environment and prevent actual risks and potential security issues. Check out our offer and get in touch for a free quote today.


Personal Security Services_

Our celebrity VIP protection and UHNWI security include:

  • Ex-military/police bodyguards

  • Threat assessments and risk analysis

  • International travel security bodyguards

  • VIP security transports and personal drivers

  • Route and venue reconnaissance

  • Counter-ambush, security advance, and counter-surveillance teams

  • Armed security escorts

  • High-end security for luxury estates, red carpet events, and superyachts

  • Undercover surveillance, anti-surveillance, and surveillance detection

  • Bug sweeps for vehicles, offices, and residencies

  • High-profile, low-profile, and covert executive protection

  • High threat protection

  • Child bodyguards and family protection

  • Personal assistant services for the wealthy

  • Security extraction and medical evacuation

  • Kidnap and ransom prevention, insurance, and response